1. johnreid's Avatar
    I used the Podcast app and tried to download a few sessions for a long air flight. Much to my surprise, none of them would download. What I get was a flag stating "pending". I left the Playbook on all night and nothing downloaded. I am in Canada; most of the sites appeared to be US; I was not able to find Canadian ones using the Podcast app. Does the app work? And if it does, what am I doing wrong?

    12-07-12 05:57 PM
  2. rmpb's Avatar
    I have found to be a little funky, but it does work. I did find that I had to cut/paste or type the address of the podcast I wanted to add as I couldn't find them at all with the app (that was long enough ago that I don't remember what the search function is like, I just remember I had to do it manually). Once I got the ones I wanted set up the biggest problem I had was that the episode dates didn't show up correctly on one (not sure it that's a podcast issue or an issue with the app).
    Also in Canada BTW.
    12-07-12 10:05 PM

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