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    I have been coming on Crackberry for the past 1 year almost 3 times or more a week but I joined today to tell all you people to stop crying and complaining about the playbook, it is starting to sound pathetic!!! I don't give a rats a$$ if it was promised to you or not.

    Thor said it was coming and when he did say that he obviously believed it was coming or he wouldn't have said it. He said he had a team dedicated to it and the company spent lots of resources trying to get it to work properly but the bottom line is it wouldn't work properly. Ask yourself this WHY WOULDN'T THEY WANT IT TO WORK? It would have generated revenue from BB WORLD, he would have avoided making thousands of people pissed off but most importantly they would have been able to actually sell the PLAYBOOK at a profit with the new BB10 software. IT would have been a completely new tablet that they could have stopped the financial loss on them. Use your brains people obviously it was in the best interest for them to make it happen. IF they did release it and it was LESS then perfect and issues, you EXACT same people would be crying again. Yes it sucks it didn't happen but the playbook IS and WAS what it was period. IFFFFFFFFFFF they playbook wasn't as up to your specs or what you wanted when you bought it then you should have returned in THEN... END OF STORY.. now move along.

    You guys cry about BB lieing to you and being dishonest? REALLY????????????????? Do you not watch the news????? Where do we start? Apple has been in serious legal issues in regards to price fixing on EBOOKS., they have avoided paying taxes by shuffling money thru offshore account's RIPPING tax payers off, they have also been giving government your info along with GOOGLE (android) PRISIM.

    Did you see Blackberry's name in the PRISIM? I bet you that apple and android wanted it in the news... but guess what IT WASN'T....... go be pissed off about the playbook because they wouldn't update your almost 3 year old playbook.. go flock to APPLE and ANDROID where they are actually ripping people off and selling your information
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    06-29-13 10:24 AM
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    Just because I can see where all the responses are going to go (especially since they'll bring up the face you only have 1 post) , and I know this has been stated before, there are plenty of threads with this already, so please one of those.

    Oh and welcome to the CB forums officially
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    06-29-13 10:32 AM

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