1. mzrocky's Avatar
    Please Help!!!! i cant get the playbook t recognize any wifi networks. it has a ? infront of the wifi icon so i cant even start messing with it....
    10-29-12 07:50 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    To fix an issue, try these in order:

    Restart using the Battery Icon and press Restart

    Press and hold the Power button for 10-15 seconds. Then leave it for 20-30 seconds and see if it restarts.

    To REBOOT:
    Press and HOLD all three keys for about 10 - 20 seconds: PowerOn, VolUp and VolDown. Start with the PowerButton. Keep holding past the 3-choice options screen. If you hear a shutter type sound, you've taken a Screen Shot and probably missed the PowerButton.
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    10-29-12 09:23 PM
  3. silvanus55's Avatar
    Is this a personal or public wifi. If it's public ome you haven't completed the connection and gain access to the wifi. Usually I press the question mark and it ask for my info in order to grant me access to that wifi connection.
    10-29-12 11:01 PM

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