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    I've been planning for awhile to send an email to someone at RIM about the fact that I genuinely think they should approach NASA, the CSA, the ESA, JAXA, and pretty much all the major players in spaceflight (okay at first they'd probably be fine just going to NASA, as they schedule the ISS time anyway), making the BlackBerry PlayBook their tablet of choice. I mean, the ISS crew uses laptops, and even has one in each of their quarters, and tablets are only a matter of time (Mike Fossum even tweeted someone that he expected to see them in Space soon), before tablets are used in spaceflight. Honestly, the PlayBook is the perfect size, and QNX seems like the logical choice for a security system that has to be absolutely air tight. Just wondering what you guys though about this, personally, I think the PlayBook is just the sensible choice, iOS isn't secure enough and Android isn't stable enough (or secure enough), and , I wouldn't be surprised if there's already QNX powered tech on the space station.

    03-16-12 02:39 AM
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    I did find a post on their website about QNX being used to simulate Canada Arm use here on Earth. And according to their website, QNX is indeed used on the ISS "QNX Software Systems’ flagship product, the QNX Neutrino RTOS, is recognized globally for its performance and reliability. It is used in many mission-critical systems, including the International Space Station, nuclear power plants, medical diagnostic devices, high capacity routers, and millions of in-car infotainment systems." Freescale Semiconductor and QNX Software Systems expand relationship for QorIQ and PowerQUICC processors

    It also seems to present on other satellite networks.

    While the PlayBook OS obviously is something built on QNX, rather than just is QNX, I would guess it is still the optimal choice for use on the International Space Station, especially given how easy it would be for NASA and the other Space agencies to develop apps for the PlayBook, due to the number of supported development platforms.
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    That would be a great slogan! "Blackebrry Playbook is the top selling tablet in outer space!"
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    03-16-12 06:54 AM
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    Don't forget SpaceX. While they are not government run, they have contracts with NASA and are scheduled to dock with the ISS next month.
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    03-16-12 06:56 AM
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    Don't forget SpaceX. While they are not government run, they have contracts with NASA and are scheduled to dock with the ISS next month.
    Ahh, good thought, and Space Adventures, the next Space Tourist might like the idea of a tablet up their with them enough to pay for the software developments it might need. Glad I'm not crazy on this. :P
    03-16-12 08:54 PM