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    I'm possibly asking something already asked, but i cant find the answer...

    I received a blackberry Playbook for Christmas.
    Not yet managed to figure out how to transfer MP4 movies from my laptop to the playbook, but going to keep on at that one.
    My problem is that i purchased yesterday, on youtube, a movie (the avengers). Paid for it, received the email etc.
    When i clicked onto my purchase on my PB, it tells me my device isnt able to run ???
    I watch youtube video off the web site all the time, and download the music with the youtube app thingy.

    Can anyone PLEASE tell me, what i have either done wrong, or how i go about watching my purchase????

    (a little easy idea on uploading MP4s would be helpfull too AND if its possible to convert the digital copies of movies you receive with many blu-ray/DVD's)

    Many thanks
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    01-08-13 03:50 AM
  2. dave_h_946's Avatar
    I don't know how to answer your question as to why the youtube movie is not working. I never tried buying one but just make sure that you are connected on wifi and flash and javascript are enabled through the browser's settings. Do you know what format is the movie (possible mp4 which should be fine). If it is in silverlight (which I doubt) then the PB does not support this format.

    Regarding transferring files (and movies, songs, e.t.c.) from your pc to your pb there are three ways.
    1) open the desktop manager in your pc, connect your pb and synchronise with the folder that the movie is located in
    2) connect your playbook to your pc and you will see that it is another drive in your pc. Go to media-->videos and drag and drop your movie in this folder
    3) (and my preferred one) use the wifi file sharing feature. A guide can be found here. If you have any problem let us know.

    If you download youtube clips often you may consider sideloading the tubemate android app which downloads clips right in to your pb. The easiest way to sideload android apps is using chrome and a source of .bar files can be found here although not all of them work.
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    01-08-13 04:26 AM
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    I've never purchased a YouTube movie before, but aren't all videos were free to watch on the YouTube site? From what I remember, the purchase option is to save it to your computer/device for offline watching.

    As for copying videos over, a good guide is posted above, and I'd just like to add that if you find the file format is not supported, there is a free program called Freemake Video Converter that will convert videos for many mobile devices, including PlayBook and other BlackBerries.

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    01-08-13 06:46 AM
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    And, the digital copies that come with dvd's are usually intended for specific playback devices and encrypted. I'm not sure if there are any legal ways of un-encoding them (or even, ahem, illegal ways)
    01-08-13 08:53 AM
  5. Crowezine's Avatar
    Aha. I had exactly the same problem. YouTube do buyable movies, which is an alternative to services like netlix and LoveFiLM.. Sadly they dont seem to be compatible. That's what they say. Shame.
    01-08-13 04:22 PM

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