02-08-12 09:59 PM
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    Mo response is in italicized typeface.

    Hello Everyone!

    I am considering to buy a playbook in a near future but I am not sure yet if this is the right tablet for me.

    I am working in mining industries, so I am traveling a lot and a laptop is a bit too big for plane and fields work. I have my 9810 to pair with for tethering options and my 9700 when on the field.

    Protect your BlackBerry PlayBook with a Otterbox case given the harsh environment in which you work.

    Here is what I need to do with the tablet:
    - Possibility to pick photos from my phone to review and edit
    Files and Folders and/or the Bridge File Browser to access the files; there are a variety of photograph editing/modification applications for the tablet and it comes down to specific features and/or cost.
    - Possibility to sketch (app like Paint)
    Doodle Blast
    - Read eBooks (epub & PDF format)
    Book Reader and Adobe PDF Reader (no the greatest but all we have right now)
    - Ability to read/write flash drives (I think it's not possible yet)
    -no idea-

    For what else I need I know it's possible: Bluetooth keyboard, office suit & synching my phone's e-mail, calendar and BBM is available now.
    02-08-12 01:14 PM
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    I already have the ePub files... just need an apps to read it when required because my 9810 have a little screen for book reading! :/
    Book Reader is the application you are seeking.
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    02-08-12 01:15 PM
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    Awesome! Look likes I'll go for it... The only thing that bug me is the missing capacity to read flash card or usb external drives... :/

    Is there any apps for CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) like SolidWorks ? I am using it for the job and it could be more than awesome...
    Would AutoDesk AutoCAD WS suit your requirements? Notice the web-browser-based tool.
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    02-08-12 01:40 PM
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    Would AutoDesk AutoCAD WS suit your requirements? Notice the web-browser-based tool.
    Well yes and no...

    I am using SolidWorks wich is not "compatible" with autocad (I know that we can convert files but it is not the best way).

    The fact that I do not always have an internet connection/cell network underhand (underground or in Nunavut and northern Quebec especially) I really need an app.

    I do not need it create a whole equipment but just to do some quick adjustment that solved production problems.

    Anyway in the works case, picture + paint like apps + plenty of notes over the pic
    02-08-12 08:50 PM
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    I'm loving the sale price. Here is my intention of use. I'd like to use it to take photos of my targets and edit an Excel sheet that will record loads, temps, time, wind speeds & directions and capture my shooting results.

    I may have skipped over the answer but did someone mention an app for editing photos?

    I'm just looking to edit photos of my targets to add data to it and along w/ Excel sheet track progress. BUT, the sale end on the 11th so if anyone has the time and knowledge to reply that would be terrific!

    Oh yeah then the normal use for me is e-mail, and read news and financials. Anyone use TD Ameritrade on a PB?

    02-08-12 09:59 PM
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