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    I took my PB with me to lunch today where I was meeting a friend who needed a ride to the airport. While having lunch, I was able to use the PB to look up his flight number (he had misplaced it). Then I looked up his flight status on the United website. Next I copied the link for the flight status into an email to his family along with the flight number.

    All this using the bridge connection from my Torch since the restaurant didn't have wifi.

    It worked quite quickly and smoothly and didn't interfere with lunch at all. The tidy lil PB fit nicely in my jacket pocket. My friend asked why I brought into the restaurant and he quickly discovered how handy/productive/functional the PlayBook can be.
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    10-30-12 06:30 PM
  2. DJ Reyes's Avatar
    Yup, PlayBook + Bridge is an excellent combo. I do things like this all the time.
    10-30-12 07:12 PM
  3. DJ Reyes's Avatar
    hey, I love the BlackBerry PlayBook. Kevin just told me to type this.
    11-01-12 09:57 PM

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