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    I know there are threads on this topic and they were very useful to me. I am writing this because I had a positive result after my Playbook stopped working. A week and a half ago I left my house and before doing so I powered off my Playbook. Upon returning, it would not turn on. I figured the battery was drained so I plugged it into the charger. The red light turned on for about 7 seconds then turned off. I figured it was really drained and soon enough the green light would turn on. Well it didn't. I then plugged it into my computer and the red light turned on again for 7 seconds, followed by the green light blinking 4-5 times, then no light. After browsing through all the threads and trying every different combination of stacking, updating, and full resets it still would not turn on. During this process I read a lot of posts that spoke very poorly of RIM customer support. I felt like it was my last resort so I called them. I purchased my Playbook right when they came out and thought that I had registered it. When I called RIM I had my Playbook for over a year so I figured they wouldn't help. My experience was quite the opposite. They got me an RMA # and I shipped the item out the next day. A week later and they shipped me out a new Playbook. While it was at their repair facility it said they would perform a same unit repair, however, when I received the new unit it has a different serial number. They did not explain what the problem was, nor have I called them yet to find out, but when I do I will follow up on this post. Anyway, I have been a RIM customer since 2007. And it looks like I will continue to be so. I know not everyone's had this same experience but I hope this might help someone else.
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    06-20-12 10:02 PM
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    wow reading your post was like reliving how my past week was like. I to had problems turning on my playbook after leaving it on standby overnight. Like you, pushing the on button gets me the red led for about 5-7 seconds and when plugging it into the computer, i got the red led followed by several yellow blinking led combo.

    After trying the stack charge and leaving it plugged in for a few days, i called rim and they quickly issued me an RMA. Though customer service has always been good to me, i cannot say the same for the playbook. Ive had my 32gb for just over a year now, and this is the 3rd rma. First two was due to hdmi output problems.
    06-20-12 10:29 PM
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    Wow. 3 RMA's. That's crazy. This was my first problem. I hope it's the last. We'll see.
    06-21-12 01:25 AM
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    My playbook is dead and im sad.
    06-21-12 03:13 AM