1. cliwalsh's Avatar
    I just got a new playbook for use in college but when i try to access my online account i can access my personal homepage and email, but not our "blackboard" site which is where all our lecture notes, announcements, and coursework is posted by faculty.

    My browser is working fine with everything else but when i try to open the blackboard line, a new page opens the blue line goes 1/2 way across the top to say its loading then i get nothing. it doesn't fail, or close, or say error, i just get a blank screen and the page wont open.

    any thoughts?

    09-20-12 12:54 PM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    What browser do you use on a desktop to get to blackboard? It isn't using IE plug ins is it?

    You could also try simple browser or secure browser to see if changing the user agent helps.
    09-20-12 01:00 PM
  3. jeroen_13's Avatar
    Or try 'DolphinBrowser'
    09-20-12 01:01 PM