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    I've trawled the forums on here and it seems that no-one else has had this problem. The Playbook won't charge at all, I've tried the charger it came with as well as numerous other micro USB chargers. I know the chargers and wall sockets work because they can charge my Q5. The small pin inside the micro-USB slot isn't bent either. I've tried plugging it into my computer and nothing happens. I don't get any abnormal lights, its as if the charger simply isn't connected. Hard and soft resets have failed to work as well. I also read that it won't charge if its under a certain battery percentage but I've had this problem for a few days so I know that isn't the issue.

    It was charging fine last week and I'm confident it hasn't been dropped or badly shaken since.

    Any ideas?
    04-08-14 09:41 AM
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    I had this problem. I switched to the fast PB magnetic charger and it works.

    BB Proud
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    04-08-14 09:46 AM

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