1. curlyhairdo's Avatar
    I need to help in stopping me throwing my Blackberry playbook out of the window as so frustrated with it!

    I used to be able to access a secure site I use...I can access the same site no problems on my laptop but not on my playbook anymore. I get a black screen saying network unavailable try again later when I'm already in on laptop! I can access my online banking secure site so I know I can access secure sites - it's just this one.

    I used to be able to access. I went to Morocco, and used my playbook there using an unsecure wifi...I don't think I tried to access the secure site but since I've been back I can't access it!

    I have tried googling, I've tried looking on the blackberry site, I've tried to restore to factory settings and still nothing!!

    03-31-13 05:06 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    In the Browser, you might swipe down to get to Browser Options. Find the area where you can clear cookies and cache and see if that helps.
    03-31-13 08:42 AM
  3. CBCListener's Avatar
    It might be helpful to know which sites you're referring to...not your logon information, certainly, but IP of the site in question, in particular.

    The one thing which may have happened is that the certificate for the ssl connection may have expired Clearing cookies may help, otherwise reviewing your certificate cache may be necessary.
    03-31-13 09:40 AM

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