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    I currently have an Android phone (Nexus S 4G on Sprint), never had a Blackberry phone before so I don't really have any experience with them. My new Playbook is the first BB product I've owned, and I love it! I still need to find more uses for it, but I mostly just like to browse the web and play games.

    I was able to sync my phone to the PB using Bluetooth, but I didn't actually tether because I wasn't sure if I'd be charged additional money. I've mostly used the PB in my house or at the local bar which has wi-fi, so I haven't really needed to tether yet. Luckily, I don't really expect urgent e-mails or need a calender/contacts list, so the PB is perfect for me. All I look forward to is the new OS 2, hoping it comes with a lot more games and cool apps to download.

    If it is free to tether with my phone, then I will try it out. I do have an unlimited data plan, not sure if tethering is included/different?
    I'm with her. Don't own a BB phone. Hoping the update will allow me to doore than web browse. Pretty much free public WiFi in Manhattan. Even in Central Park.

    Carry the PB and my iPad in my messenger bag at all times.

    To Sesami: I'm also with Sprint using unlimited plan. I believe you would have to enable a WiFi hotspot. But I don't believe it really tethering. I could be wrong.
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    Tethering can cost extra compared to bridging. Bridge without added costs on a Blackberry and endlessly with an unlimited data plan.
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