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    So it goes like this:
    wife gets upset cos i'm not fully in the conversation with her. Why? Cos I'm using my PlayBook! She gets angry, argument ensues because SHE bought the PlayBook for me as a gift. With my manly pride at stake, I say "Fine! I don't need it! Take it back! I'll just use the iPad, at least that doesn't come with restrictions and conditions of its use."

    That was last night...I picked up the iPad and it's been less than an hour. I think I'm gonna have to concede defeat and swallow my pride...I need my PlayBook back. I really thought I could give the iPad a shot, see how it stacks up objectively...

    Firstly, it seems a bit more responsive in the gyroscope, auto-rotating quicker than the PB. The safari browser is really quick, quicker than the PB's and I like how it selects texts and the selection box snaps into place. Going through the app store there are SO. MANY. APPS. I think the touchscreen is more responsive too (although I suspect it might be my PB's matte screen protector).

    It all seemed really good on the iPad and I genuinely admit it is a great product. To be honest it stands up great next to the PB and this is an iPad 1 on iOS 5 we're talking about, not even the new iPad!


    But the new iPad or even the iPad 2 would be even better right? hardware wise, yes. Software wise? Ahem. Granted this old iPad won't get iOS 6, the majority of the functions that matter in daily use are the same - the layout, the abhorrence of flash, the design language of the OS and its UI. When using the iPad the Safari browser loads quickly and nicely but its lack of flash meant that when I went to The Chive (awesome site) I couldn't watch videos. When I started downloading all these cool apps the stupid app store dumps me into the home screen and I have to go back in. When I wanted to multitask I had to change my grip with two hands and use FOUR fingers to choose what app I wanted to go to. On top of this, while I was 'multitasking' every other app was frozen in the background, including the browser. So I wasn't multitasking, I was just task-hopping.

    Now I'm sure if I had never used a PB before I would have a different view (or not) but the fact is I have and I love it. Yes, I'm a fanboy and yes my view is probably biased towards BlackBerry and I'm proud of it. The iPad is a great gadget but for me at least, the PB wins hands down.

    Excuse me now while I go grovel for mercy, forgiveness and use of the PB from the wifey.

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    06-14-12 09:17 PM