1. Griffin2012's Avatar
    Hello All,
    My Playbook will only charge via my USB cable. Has anyone else had this problem with charging the Playbook using the wall charger that came in the packaging?
    Thanks in advance,
    02-12-12 06:44 AM
  2. Chaddface's Avatar
    I heard someone mention they had a problem with that included charger. They were able to fix it by flipping the blades down and back up. Give that a try.
    Good time to by a rapid charger. 25$ at walmart.
    02-12-12 06:58 AM
  3. GeneralHerzog's Avatar
    The new devices need the usb charger.....higher wattage coming via the little wall unit. Many of the old chargers (single piece units) dont work on newer devices today.
    People tend to think a mini usb is a mini usb......not true.

    I admin my company's cell phone and see this issue all the time. ALTHOUGH, even though some units won't charge using an older usb charger, all units will charge just fine with the new BlackBerry usb charger.
    Having said that though, I tip my hat to Samsung for the design of their usb car charger.....it has 2 little prongs on each side of the usb connector, thus helping it stay connected to the phone better (sticks to the phone really well in a moving car)
    02-12-12 08:51 AM
  4. Jifffer's Avatar
    i have had the same issue .....had to purchase a rapid charging base ....unit now charges with the magnetic pins next to usb connector. Charging base really works great ....only rapid and reliable solution that I have found.
    02-12-12 09:19 AM
  5. Griffin2012's Avatar
    Thanks Chaddface and GeneralHerzog
    I try flipping the prongs and I will pick up the quick charger at the local Walmart.
    Thanks again,
    02-12-12 09:22 AM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    Call rim and they will replace the charger. You could try using your phone charger and see if that works although it will be much slower. Are you sure that the wall socket is powered - try another just to test.

    Rim Support
    Canada Toll Free: 1-877-644-8405
    United States Toll Free: 1-877-644-8410
    Puerto Rico Toll Free: 1-855-651-4936
    Email: playbooksupport@blackberry.com
    (UK Support) 0800 096 2805
    02-12-12 09:24 AM