1. sentano's Avatar
    Hi all,
    I replaced the screen and digitizer on my PB and after all went back together WiFi doesn't find any networks, saved, open, doesn't matter. The icon changes state when WiFi is enabled/disabled. Everything else is ok, all connections are back where they belong.
    Help is much appreciated.
    08-27-13 10:00 PM
  2. Djlatino's Avatar
    You sure when you put it back together, the network card/ribbon wasn't push out? I accidentally chipped the part of an iPhones wifi off the mobo once, luckily I was able to solder it back together.

    Recheck your work!
    08-27-13 10:13 PM
  3. sentano's Avatar
    I checked all connectors...in place...from the wifi card (top left corner looking at the back with the cover removed) there's only one wire connecting to the motherboard (one of the four individual wire connectors).
    I should've taken some pictures of it while open...
    08-27-13 10:47 PM
  4. Djlatino's Avatar
    give it a few hours. try again and if it doesn't work, open it up again and check it out again! fresh eyes never hurt!
    08-27-13 11:06 PM
  5. sentano's Avatar
    yeah...I know what you mean...tomorrow is another day...
    08-27-13 11:19 PM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    Here's what I have on the various antennas and the wifi TWO antennas:

    The GPS antenna is in the lower right corner

    Top-left: 802.11G

    Top-right: 802.11N

    Bottom-left: Bluetooth

    Bottom-right: GPS

    When you hold the PlayBook in landscape mode, generally your hands will "cup" the bottom two corners (left and right), obscuring the BT and GPS antennas partially. My experiments suggest that the Bluetooth antenna is able to cope with a fair bit of blockage (though this would depend on how far away your bridged phone is), while the GPS antenna is affected by almost any blockage.

    The WiFi antennas (G and N) are in the top two corners, up near where you can see the two little microphone holes. If you held the PlayBook in portrait orientation, you'd block either G or N or both, depending on the position of your hands and whether you'd rotated it so the front-facing camera was on the left or the right.
    08-28-13 01:12 AM
  7. Citellus_suslik's Avatar
    You destroy WiFi antenna.
    Central wire don't connect with antenna - she fixed on the left speaker (metal plate)
    08-28-13 04:17 AM
  8. sentano's Avatar
    You destroy WiFi antenna.
    Central wire don't connect with antenna - she fixed on the left speaker (metal plate)
    Well, I have both connections there, the metal plate and the wire.

    ...forever BlackBerry...
    08-28-13 05:38 AM

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