View Poll Results: What is your Playbook's maximum wireless connection rate?

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  • 24 Mb/s on 2.4 GHz G-only

    29 20.42%
  • 11 Mb/s on 2.4 GHz G/N Mixed

    68 47.89%
  • 24 Mb/s on 5 GHz N

    19 13.38%
  • 11Mb/s on 5 GHz N

    7 4.93%
  • Other (provide screenshot)

    19 13.38%
11-19-12 12:04 AM
65 123
  1. jeffgp's Avatar
    is this something that os2.0 is going to fix ???
    01-15-12 10:15 AM
  2. cntrydncr223's Avatar
    I'm soooooooo happy with my new gadget....
    this thing is sooooooooo fast.
    I'm loving it!!
    01-15-12 10:53 AM
  3. mikeplus1's Avatar
    I get 65Mbps with 2.4GHz or 5GHz with my Netgear WNDR4500 (N900) dual band router on latest PB OS2.0 beta.

    01-15-12 11:06 AM
  4. blue-b's Avatar
    My speedtest number between my pc (direct connection) vs pb is from 0.5-1.0 mb difference being a couple rooms away from router. Upload is about .1 mb difference.

    The value the playbook shows, isn't that just a calculation based on the profile you have vs. the signal strength?
    01-15-12 11:17 AM
  5. JWWDUKE's Avatar
    24Mbps over "a". I cannot get my pb to connect over n. It is either 2Mbps over g or 24 Mbps over a. I've got a Belkin dual band n router, model n450db. If I set both bands to n only, the pb will not connect, it just gives an error.

    01-15-12 01:00 PM
  6. mr.interested's Avatar
    I just put in a wireless N router in addition to my G router, and i get 65Mbps on my playbook while on the N router, and 54Mbps on the G router.
    I was actually a little dissapointed in only getting 65Mbps on 2.4Ghz N until i read this thread.

    Is 65Mbps the best the playbook can do?

    Max speed quoted by my 2.4Ghz N router is 300Mbps, so I guess the playbook is the weak point.
    05-26-12 07:52 PM
  7. RoboticGolem's Avatar
    I've been getting 65bps. Never really thought about it.
    05-27-12 03:21 AM
  8. thecsman's Avatar
    So, in theory, the PB is capable of crunching 65mbps, which should equal to 8MB/s.

    I don't get more than 2.5MB/s at close range with my cheapo 300Mbps N router.

    Anybody got more than that? Quick test: transfer a more or less large file from a windows/mac wired to your router using gigabit.
    11-17-12 01:51 PM
  9. mkelley65's Avatar
    11-17-12 04:46 PM
  10. easydoesit99's Avatar
    Well I guess Canada doesn't suck at everything.
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    11-17-12 05:10 PM
  11. chaosdivine's Avatar
    I had a LOT of problems with mine (dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless N router [D-Link 825N]) until I changed something called Channel Width.

    I changed it from 20/40MHz and even 40MHz (alone) TO 20 MHz. As soon as I did that, my problems disappeared. The Playbook would then connect at 65 Mbps wireless N.

    All my other computers on my network would work too at N speeds (all over 65 Mbps though, one took a speed hit from 144 Mbps to 65 Mbps). One other remained at 144 Mbps. It depends on the machine.

    My settings are:
    WPA2, AES, Wireless G/N only and Channel Width to 20 MHz did it for me. All other default settings (ome say messing with WMM or Short GI helps. It actually caused me more problems than not. Mine were left enabled and no other settings modified.)

    Here's my findings in detail over on the BB Support Forums (find my username on page 3) WLAN Problem since - Page 3 - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

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    11-17-12 05:12 PM
  12. Kwela123's Avatar
    I am a bit puzzled by this thread.

    I have a router that can be set to b/g/n or all. But we have one laptop that does not have n capability, so I have it set it at b/g. This means that I have a max theoretical data transfer rate of 54Mbps between my computer and the router (That is the G spec). This is also what my Playbook reports - the theoretical rate between the Playbook and the router - nothing to do with actual rate.

    Our HS cable internet connection has a max speed of 14 Mbps. (In fact I recently downgraded it to 8Mbps because we don't have need for high speed downloads of movies, torrents etc.). That is the best we could get and is set by the ISP. Speed tests will get these rates, but in real world, rates are lower.

    So basically, the data transfer rate the Playbook reports is kind of meaningless. Or at best theoretical. We can't go that fast anyway. A bit like buying a Lamborghini with a governor that limits speed to 70mph! Having an "n" capable connection is only useful if you have a data connection from your ISP that can exceed the capabilities of a "G" Computer to router link. Not many home users would have that!

    My data - Playbook reports 54Mbps connection, Speedtest reports 8.3Mbps (the limit imposed by our IPS for the package we have). Actual connections ????
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    11-18-12 06:26 PM
  13. RWD's Avatar
    Since i don't plan to post identifiable info, and my PB doesn't have editing software, you'll have to trust me when I say that I am connected at 65Mbps to my Cisco E3000.
    11-18-12 06:38 PM
  14. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    your problems are all probably caused by interference emanating from the FBI surveillance van.

    If you need anymore evidence, just check post #59 above, posted by MKelly. Check out his SSID. I mean come on man really???????
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    11-18-12 06:39 PM
  15. thecsman's Avatar
    One thing is the speed rate reported by the playbook, another is the actual data rate you get while doing data transfers. depends on your ISP.

    What I am trying to check with you guys is the transfer rate you get inside your wi-lan.

    Somebody reported 32mbps, that would give him about 4 megabytes per second, and it could be the fastest speed reported here.
    11-19-12 12:04 AM
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