1. cjterminator's Avatar
    I recently made trip to Miami and I was pleasantly surprised to see at least 6-7 people on their playbooks passing time in the airport. Even when I entered the plane there were 2 people in the seat front to mine and 1 on adjacent to me with their playbooks.
    Well the people using included 2 teenagers, 2 girls, 1 child and rest of them adults (even some business guys).
    I guess PB is finally making head ways and people are appreciating it (or a tleast getting to know it).

    What have been your experiences about seeing PB in public recently?
    01-17-12 11:50 AM
  2. pigdude's Avatar
    My daughter started ski lessons at the local hill this past weekend. Being it was freezing out, I made my way into the chalet, and saw 2 other playbooks in the wild. One woman was on one while her daughter was on an Ipad - proof again that Ipad is just a toy
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    01-17-12 12:10 PM
  3. mrrubus's Avatar
    On a recent trip to Orlando (December 2011), I only saw mine, and lotto EyePads. It seemed like I was an unofficial spokesperson for the PlayBook. In fact it was exhausting answering the “what is that question?” Then I would take out my "Curve" show them what the “blue dot flashing means” then slip my PB in the jacket pocket and say no more and watch their envy.

    I was at the WD’s Dolphin Hotel one morning and I thought I saw a fellow PBer so I made an approach only to find out it was the Kindle Fire. You really cannot tell them apart till you get up close. Anyway she wanted to know where I got my case……I suppose a PB case would fit
    01-17-12 12:23 PM
  4. OniBerry's Avatar
    I got a call a few weeks ago that one of the Alarm speakers was interrupting a meeting in one of my buildings. I went over to investigate. I was met by a woman who said the speaker was sounding every 30 seconds or so with a faint beeping. I walked in, asked everyone to be quiet, while I listened for the "beeping". As soon as I heard it. I knew it wasn't coming from the speaker. I asked everyone to pull out there mobile devices. Some guy pulls out a PlayBook from his bag. He bought it the week before and had no clue what the alarm sounded like.
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    01-17-12 12:37 PM