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    First of all, the keyboard rocks. However, with everything, there is always room for error.

    The first improvement I want to see is the obvious, and we know it's coming....the BB10 gestures.

    Next up, I wish they could improve the lag just a little bit. I know the Google website lag is browser based, but other times I get minor feedback lag when typing.

    I would like them to figure out a way to know when I accidentally hit the left "shift" key. He word prediction should be able to tell when I meant to bit an "a" instead of the shift key. For some reason, the way I type, I do this a lot.

    Lastly, and I know Swiftkey has worked on this, I press the "n" or "b" key often when trying to press "space". Again, the word prediction technology should be able to realize when I do this.

    I know a lot of these problems are user error, but that's the downside to virtual keyboard and the reason for improving technology. I also know that these issues are prevalent on all virtual keyboard, and I'm not just picking on the PlayBook. For some reason once punctuation is pressed, all predictive technology takes a backseat. For me, this leads to 95% of my virtual keyboard problems.
    06-22-12 02:24 PM
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    Lonely thread is lonely
    06-23-12 09:47 PM