11-27-12 03:02 AM
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  1. Locksheema's Avatar
    I just want to say, you go guys! Keep up the good work. I would love to partake, but you can literally not find a PlayBook anywhere in South Africa, which is strange considering the amount of people that have BBs. I have never seen one advert for it. I have also only ever seen it in 1 cellphone store catalogue. I've never seen a demo in any store, in the beginning when it eventually arrived in South Africa there were stacks of accessories in store. No longer.

    I got my 64gb in August from the CB market place, months before it arrived here.

    So as I said guys, keep it up.

    RIMpire for the win!
    04-27-12 03:13 PM
  2. guerllamo7's Avatar

    Awesome! keep up the good work.

    Sure skype would be nice but make sure he knows about Reel Portal. It is a free app and he can talk to PC and to Mac. They can download the app or just use the browser. It is easy.

    I know several people that are using it for the PP presentations so next week I'll have a comparison between the PK301 and ML300 projectors. PK301 is a 50 lumen projector and the ML300 is 300 lumen but there are several differences and your post helped me decide to post a comparison between the two projectors that are some of the best and very small and portable.

    Good work! BlackBerry rules in the UK so drive to keep it going strong.
    04-28-12 12:59 AM
  3. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    Sure skype would be nice but make sure he knows about Reel Portal. It is a free app and he can talk to PC and to Mac. They can download the app or just use the browser. It is easy.

    Good work! BlackBerry rules in the UK so drive to keep it going strong.
    Hi Guerllamo

    He needs Skype for his colleagues/clients (don't we all), so Reel Portal wouldn't be a valid option in this case (as it isn't for me).

    And he lives in the US (NY /Penn - for work/home) not UK - we know each other as we were originally school friends....

    Looking forward to seeing the new league table next week.

    Keep up the good work

    All the best

    04-28-12 05:53 AM
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    Hello BB Legionnaires,

    guerllamo7, added one more (Debbie - and meeting with Boyfriend tomorrow because he is thinking about one as well ).
    BigAl_BB9900 scores one across the Atlantic. Nice!
    That brings out total to 72 Playbooks!!

    Here is the weekly update to our competition:
    guerllamo7 16
    adozeneggs@aol.com 10
    13echo4 7
    deathcommand 6
    dapper37 5
    The_Adventist 5
    double_j75 5
    s7khan 4
    playbookster 4
    Jeovex 3
    BigAl_BB9900 3
    christy520 2
    VanCity778 1
    sir.dangerfield 1

    Current Standings 72

    Note: Some people not in the contest are posting big numbers. If you are just posting to share that is great. If you want to join the contest then send me a message. Only requirement is that you have a good number of posts on CrackBerry and it is obvious you are a BB fan.

    Note 2:
    In an effort to help out BlackBerry Playbook users, I'm going to start to post video clips on Wednesdays of some choices people may want to look at on accessories and other stuff. This week I'll be posting a video on a comparison between the Freedom Connect BT keyboard and the Integrated Keyboard/case. After having used both a few times I hope I can help people decide which would work well for them if they are thinking about a keyboard. The following week I'll post some comparisons between the Insipio and BlackBerry cases. Both very nice but slight differences. I hope everyone gets a case for their PB so it is nice and safe and that the video helps people get the right one for them. The third video will be (in three weeks) a comparison between the PK301 projector and the ML300 projectors. Again, hopefully someone that uses the PB for presentations can decide if one of these is right for them.
    Also, I've had so many people tell me how much they love their Playbooks when I follow-up with them that on Friday's I'll post a short video of people sharing their experience after a week or two with the Playbook.

    Have a great BlackBerry Legion week.
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    04-30-12 10:36 AM
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    Hello Legionnaires,

    I have been helping people with their Playbooks and there are a few things that they often ask about. One of them is weather to get a physical keyboard, so I made a short video comparison of my two favorite BT physical keyboards focused mostly on the size and what it is like to lug them around. I don't use one because I can jam on my virtual KB and don't type long documents on it but my wife has the Freedom KB and a friend has the Case-Integrated one.

    Hope this helps someone considering a physical keyboard for their BB.

    One move video with a little more detail on the keyboards themselves.

    Note: this is not a technical/specs related video. Just a size comparison and how that impacts us on a daily basis.
    Note2: FYI, the integrated keyboard has an internal battery and comes with the charger but you can use your BB charger as well. The Freedom keyboard actually uses 2 AAA batteries, included in the case.
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    05-02-12 09:22 AM
  6. Yankee495's Avatar
    ONE more.

    Neighbors son wants one. He is an ambulance driver and sits around at night a lot. He seen moms and went WOW...that is what I need.

    Video chat is fine for him and he don't care about netflix or Hulu because he'll likely never get to watch a movie. Mom has a friend in Canada sending them a 32GB for $150 US...no S&H....might even have accessories...I'm curious to know why they don't want it. Going to ask.

    The PB sells its self if someone actually sees a good demo of one or plays with it for 10 minutes. The reviewers and RIM not having email really hurt it out of the gate.

    Oh yeah, I don't know how many work with him, but I bet some more of them get one. I'll keep ya posted.

    Carry on...
    05-02-12 12:44 PM
  7. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Nice. Dude, stay on it. You are helping a good number of people and promoting BlackBerry at the same time.

    I find that if the first adopter in an organization likes it, a ton of other people will want one. I make sure I am Johnny on the Spot for the first user (and all that follow really) to have a great experience and love it.
    I got one for the office manager in my church and three ministers got them, her GF got one, three members of the board got one and one of the teachers got one. I think there is a great deal of room for more people to get it in my chuch so I hope we can help a ton of people get this great tablet at such a great price.

    One of the people in the group actually has a different job and they are trying to get a grant to serve underserved kids. They want to help them in school and they are now looking at the Playbook for the entire staff and maybe even field the Playbook with 100 kids. Wish me luck.
    Lets keep rolling. Everyone that gets a Playbook is saving a ton of money and getting a great tablet. Further, as far as education and children go, I find no Netflix to be a great plus.
    As Thorsten would say "Lets Rock and Roll this!".
    05-02-12 03:33 PM
  8. Yankee495's Avatar
    Yeah, I posted in a thread the other day about RIM making mistakes and compared it to Apple...how they made a come back.

    I forgot about how big the Apple computer was in education before the Mac and desktop publishing. Then we all know the rest of the story...iPod,iTunes, iPhone, iPad, saved iButt.

    I also showed it to Taylor Mason: taylormason.com - Home

    He is a famous comedian. My daughter-in-law knows him personally and he was in Joplin, Mo on May 1st. We went to waffle house after the show because it was close and he had very little time.

    I have video of him and my three year old grandson doing the "He man woman haters club sign", the chin thing...taken on the PB. Lighting was only ok, so the video reflects that but it is pretty good.

    He is very cool. Did a church benefit for free and it only cost $1 to get in. Look him up on you tube. He is a christian comedian who is very funny. He is booked most of the year on Disney Cruise Lines from 3 to 7 days at a time.

    Unfortunately I didn't get to discuss it with him very much but he was impressed. He is going to be within 25 miles of here at a collage on May 5th. If I get some time with him I'll see what his opinion is. He has a new iPhone that he had me take some pictures of "Them" with.

    Using the volume up/down I took a screen shot from the video which is attached. My grandson does this, but I would have never had gotten one of both of them doing it without it being on the video.

    Good luck.
    05-03-12 12:29 AM
  9. reelportal's Avatar
    Hey, thank you very much for that awesome app and for clarifying the web portal option.
    I've been exposing quite a few people to the Playbook and will mention that to everyone. I like your app so much I'm actually getting everyone to install it on their PB's.
    Thanks again.
    Thanks G7 Sorry for the late response. I've been spending too much time updating the app. You can now zoom in the video, and see more details. It's more noticeable if the video you're receiving is hi-res, e.g. 1024x768 (use webcam settings to change resolution).

    Superb job on your part in promoting the Playbook!
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    05-03-12 12:44 AM
  10. varunsain's Avatar
    Let's keep this alive and convert as many users as possible back to the roots of BlackBerry. I would love to see the world full of BlackBerry devices.
    05-03-12 01:17 AM
  11. aparsonsuk's Avatar
    a number of the kids i teach in a high school over here in england are on about getting them now where they've seen me using mine in lessons for things
    05-03-12 06:24 AM
  12. Chrisy's Avatar
    My professor went from an iphone to an Android last week. Last night I asked how he was liking the Android and he isn't.

    I keep telling him about the BlackBerry with the physical keyboard, LED, push email, security. It would be perfect for him.

    He just uses his phone to message.

    He's going to return the Android and we'll see what he ends up with.
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    05-03-12 06:44 AM
  13. guerllamo7's Avatar
    You are da man (or person I should say since I don't know ya personally). Made my life way easier promoting the Playbook. I truly find your app/webportal way easier to use than Skype and the fact that there is a real and easy way to vchat with PCs and Macs is great.
    I also love the way you allow the user to control the camera(1 or 2), the mic, and text.

    I love the following apps and get everyone that gets a Playbook to load:
    ReelPortal (awesome videochat)
    Nexus (if they have two or more in household or work on same network)
    Scrapbook (awesome facebook connected scrapbook - TAT product)

    I try to keep up with the apps as they come in and each person needs different things, such as the awesome package tracking app but EVERYONE gets the three above.

    By the way, I'm not going to forget who supported the Playbook in the early days (and who did not) and I'm sure many loyal BlackBerry fans are the same.
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    05-03-12 10:29 AM
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    This is great to hear. I actually believe that no Netflix is a plus when adults are considering getting it for children's education.
    There are so many great websites that allow you to enjoy free movies and videos (such as pbskids.org in the U.S.) that I see real need for more.
    Good luck. I've just gotten a non-profit person to get a PB for two in the organization and will try to get the entire outfit to deploy as well as use PB for the 100 underserved kids to deploy them. Still, no clear shot here but will keep looking.
    05-03-12 10:35 AM
  15. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Keep it up. Seriously, although I had an OS6 device, I did not often recommend the BlackBerry to others but when OS7 came out it was all I recommended. Even the little Curve 9360 rocks! Even has FM radio with no plan or fee. Kinda cool.

    All OS7 devices are world phones so if you have a current passport that matters.

    Here is a note for all Legionnaires:
    The Playbook is creating a great deal of goodwill with users. People that had BlackBerry devices and now have something else are considering them. I'm meeting with someone today that is switching her iPhone to her daughter and getting a Torch 9810 (it is currently FREE at Best Buy) so she can power her BlackBerry PB anywhere and securely.

    I think BB10 is going to be awesome but I think the PB + OS7 BB is a step up on the competition right now, not six months from now.

    Goooo RIM!
    05-03-12 10:42 AM
  16. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Thanks. I looked at his website and was smiling in two seconds. He is a funny guy.
    05-03-12 10:46 AM
  17. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Hello Legionnaires,
    We have helped many people get Playbooks over the course of this year. I've been so impressed by some of their reactions that I decided to start sharing them with you.

    Here is a cute video of Barbara, the Youth Ministry Coordinator for our church. She is a very wise and gifted person, especially with child development, but frankly has been a bit scared of tech and kinda felt that cost and just tech in general had left her behind. But then the Playbook came along with its easy to use gestures UI, Portable size, and super great price showed her she can still "get her tech on".

    If you are considering a tablet then I invite you to just take a look at the Playbook. Compare the features, portability, power, and price. You won't have to sell a kidney to get one and if you are like the vast majority of the people I have exposed to one, you are going to love it.

    Have a great weekend.
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    05-04-12 12:31 PM
  18. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    Hello Legionnaires,
    Here is a cute video of Barbara, the Youth Ministry Coordinator for our church.....
    .......but frankly has been a bit scared of tech and kinda felt that cost and just tech in general had left her behind......

    What an excellent recommendation for the PlayBook - I think you should send this link to RIM PlayBook Marketing and see if can you wangle some freebies for your organisation in return

    If I was going to get a PlayBook for my mother (which I am not intending to, as she still cannot use SMS, and doesn't even have DSL in her remote farmhouse....) then I would use this video as part of my filial marketing campaign....

    Having said that I'm not intending to get her a PlayBook (the overheads of GSM phone support being enough of a burden already.... and she's got a super-simple Doro which is 'senior-optimised'!) - should a decent Bridge app land in AppWorld (Bridge, as in the card game) then she might find a PlayBook in her Christmas stocking....
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    05-04-12 12:49 PM
  19. donnyphone's Avatar
    I love my Playbook! I read books, read magazines (Thank you Zinio app!!), play hours of games (Angry Birds baby!), video chat, of course surf the web, and many more things. The sound is awesome too!
    05-04-12 02:21 PM
  20. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Hello BB Legionnaires,

    guerllamo7, added one more (Debbie's Boyfriend got his).
    That brings out total to 73 Playbooks!!

    Here is the weekly update to our competition:
    guerllamo7 17
    adozeneggs@aol.com 10
    13echo4 7
    deathcommand 6
    dapper37 5
    The_Adventist 5
    double_j75 5
    s7khan 4
    playbookster 4
    Jeovex 3
    BigAl_BB9900 3
    christy520 2
    VanCity778 1
    sir.dangerfield 1

    Current Standings 73!

    note: if I missed you on a count just let me know and I'll update the roster.

    Yankee495, if you want to joint our contest just send me a message on CB and I'll add you. It looks like you are racking them up. By the way, the prize is a nice bottle of wine, a BlackBerry Legion T-Shirt and an accessory for your device (No, not a Posche... You will have to talk to Thorsten about that ). By the way, if I get the top number (and I surely will make every effort to do this) - guerllamo7, I'm not eligible since I started the contest and it is just not cool to win at your own contest so lets just keep racking them up for team BlackBerry.
    If you have not looked at this post lately, I started adding a accessory review on Wednesdays and a testimonial on Fridays so check this out if you haven't already.

    P.S. Barbara is trading in her iPhone3GS for a new Torch 9810 tomorrow!
    Go BlackBerry!
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    05-07-12 09:36 AM
  21. Yankee495's Avatar
    I missed one, but got a second chance. Explanation here:

    05-08-12 05:13 AM
  22. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Hello BB Legionnaires,

    There were no BB Playbook sales reported by our team last week so the standing is still 73 Playbooks sold.

    I was working on two but they are taking their time. But, if it is any consolation I got three people to buy BB phones last week and yes they all were Playbook users!

    My biggest surprise was Barbara, she was very resistant to tech changes because she was basically afraid of tech but after getting comfortable with her PB she started making comments about how cool it was the my BB could power my PB internet access and how she could use the BB Remote for videos with her kids.
    Needless to say, I jumped all over it. She said her iPhone charged her $86.00 bucks per month and made her feel like she was promised the world but just never used it for anything else other than phone calls and e-mail. We went to the ATT store and got her a new Torch 9810. She ran the remote feature yesterday with the kids at church.

    Barbara and the two other new BB users got an e-mail from BlackBerry that said they now had 30 days of free tech support for their BB devices. I think this is big news because getting to know a new OS in general and setting up a BB specifically takes some doing. But now, a few CrackBerry videos, blogs, a couple of calls and everyone can super charge their BlackBerry phones. Not to mention that new OS7 buyers can still get $77.00 in free apps.
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    05-14-12 09:03 AM
  23. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Hello Legionnaires,

    You may encounter people that need to use Power Point or Videos for presentations or just for enjoyment in your travels as you spread the good word on the BlackBerry Playbook.
    I actually think that there are a ton of projectors out there that can do the job but I wanted to share a comparison of two of them based on portability because if you just use one 2500 lumen projector vs a 2200 lumen projector you really get the same thing.

    The main purpose for this video is to help someone determine if they should go for a pocket projector or for a compact one. I used the PK301 and ML300 projectors because I think the PK301 is barely meets the minimum requirement for PP presentations to small groups and the ML300 because it is about as big as you can go and truly have a small, portable projector. The 50 to 300 lumens comparison should help people make determinations as to what works for them.

    If you are not interested in getting a projector, this videos may not be for you. However, if you are I hope you find them helpful. As I mention in the videos, the little guy goes for $350.00 and the ML300 goes for $500.00.

    I broke the video into four parts. Part 1 is general stuff, Part2a PP Presentations, Part 2b for Videos/Movies, Part 3 closing comments.

    Lastly, I must say that if you are using an older projector that does not have an HDMI mini port, then you will need a converter box and you can buy one for as low as $60.00. The conversion needs to go from HDMI to VGA.
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    05-16-12 11:40 AM
  24. Livett's Avatar
    Just got my mate to order a 32gb pb while sat in the pub.

    He was looking for something that can play his PSX games, namely FF<insert number>, stream stuff from youtube and bbciplayer to his tv (he doesn't have a pc yet) and a torrent client.

    Also when I told him the price he picked up his phone (not a blackberry, but i'm trying to convert him to one on that too!) and ordered one.

    Happy days!
    05-17-12 04:43 PM
  25. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Very cool Dr_Ettercap,

    The price is really awesome. It is almost at impulse buy. Today I was sitting with some friends and we were talking about our Playbooks and this one lady that is due to have a baby in like four days (she has a C-section scheduled) was just drooling over them but did not feel she wanted to spend the money right away.

    I told her that if she liked it so much I would be happy to get her one and she could make monthly payments at her convenience. My other friend just wipped out her checkbook and wrote me a check right there on the spot ( I kicked in the case - which I got from CrackBerry ) and said "this is your early B-Day present for your baby. You are going to love taking videos of your newborn on the Playbook".
    I know I have hundreds of quick videos of my three boys and tons of pictures.

    Pretty cool.

    One more Playbook to a happy new user!

    Lets keep them rolling baby!
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    05-17-12 09:11 PM
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