1. tomorrowsphere's Avatar
    Hi everyone,
    Since the latest update, I have experienced some challenges. my cameras no longer works, the alarm clock does not produce an audio chime when set and I am missing the video store. I really like the Playbook as a whole and have very few issues with it, but now I am in the strange position that my Playbook maybe suffering a slow death. I think I may do another full reinstall...I just don't know...any suggestions.

    06-23-14 05:08 PM
  2. Adam Fox2's Avatar
    you may need to wipe it and start all over....the last update that was available ( worked perfectly fine for me......i've not tested the alarm but the video store is still there and my cameras are working just fine. I wish I could tell you more...
    06-23-14 07:39 PM
  3. tomorrowsphere's Avatar
    I am in the process of wiping it. It is quite odd how somethings seemed to go. the video store is gone completely and the video for chat works, but the software for the camera seems crash so I can not access the top settings..neither the front facing cam or rear show a picture. Only issue I have had with my playbook, Rim repaired was the mic...0$ to me...it was great service...but this all happened after the latest update, I am going to restore the oldest back up to see if that helps....

    Thanks for your respond
    06-24-14 10:08 PM

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