06-28-12 09:00 PM
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  1. sportline's Avatar
    Seen the news on Sprint 4G Playbook coming next May (BGR news). Does anyone knows when the 3G/other carriers pb is coming? earlier news said 3G HSPA coming later in the year or Q3
    04-24-11 01:28 PM
  2. amboy83's Avatar
    i'd bet the sprint one will be 3G too. Haven't heard anything recent about other carriers except that verizon is still considering carrying it.
    04-24-11 01:41 PM
  3. sportline's Avatar
    Isn't sprint a cdma network? American gsm system also used different frequencies compared to european / asian gsm frequencies so verizon phone in asia wouldn.t run 3g but only edge/2g.
    I wonder if sprint 4g pb would work in 3g hspa network
    04-25-11 01:06 AM
  4. OniBerry's Avatar
    Isn't sprint a cdma network? American gsm system also used different frequencies compared to european / asian gsm frequencies so verizon phone in asia wouldn.t run 3g but only edge/2g.
    I wonder if sprint 4g pb would work in 3g hspa network

    On RIM's website, they list a 4G/WiMax and 4G HSPA model.
    04-25-11 01:20 AM
  5. sportline's Avatar
    if that is the case then the 4G/WIMAX (sprint?) won't work in 4G HSPA (LTE/World GSM)?
    04-25-11 02:21 AM
  6. sportline's Avatar
    Any update today? Seems that wifi model may not get native email and bbm?
    04-26-11 10:00 AM
  7. olllllo1978's Avatar
    Verizon said Thursday for 3G Playbook, according to CS rep.
    04-26-11 10:25 AM
  8. sportline's Avatar
    any update on this?
    from my understanding, a sim-card equipped pb will have a different bbid thus a full blown BIS/BES service?
    what have strangled current pb for a BIS/BES is inability of having multiple device with one bbid, right? i get confused here. if RIM aware of this issue then why don't they just bypass all and went all the way with a radio version (3G/HSPA/4G WCDMA) instead of relying on bridge?
    07-17-11 12:48 AM
  9. rickgainsmith's Avatar
    Speculation = Disappointment
    07-17-11 01:08 AM
  10. Erandhawa's Avatar
    i wouldnt wait, just tether a phone, cheaper and you canshare it with more devices. Plus you can tether with a 3G phone or 4G. Just my two cents.

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    07-17-11 01:39 AM
  11. sportline's Avatar
    you can tether but you won't get a BIS/BES service, right? what is the point? still no email.
    my understanding is that bridge = mirroring your bbid in handset. just bigger display, and free browsing.
    if you get a simcard on pb thus a different bbid, pb become another bb handset minus (probably) call functions. the rest of BIS/BES service remains the same as bb handset.
    unless you can sign in the pb to BIS/BES thru wifi, to get a service on data plan.
    07-17-11 01:46 AM
  12. Erandhawa's Avatar
    nope you will still get bis/bes service. Tethering is like having a full internet connection. For some reason app world is the only app that doesnt work. I've used my wifes iphone totether as well as my torch both work flawlessly. bis/bes just needs a connection to rims servers, tethering is similar to wifi, whe you tether with iphone it is through wifi only bb uses the tethering function in the playbook. supposedly os7 will support internet sharing through wifi.
    Personally I feel 3g devices are just ways for carriers to mae more money, adding tethering to your phone can save a few extra bucks rather than paying for data on another device and the benefit is you can share with other devices as well like a laptop or different tablet doesnt have to be just the playbook

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    07-17-11 01:49 AM
  13. sportline's Avatar
    so if you can get connected to BIS/BES service on wifi or tether then do you get email? can you set up native email as in any bb handset? the answer is no, i guess.
    if you are can connect to BIS/BES service then
    - you have to pay for data plan/service plan
    - you get email bbm etc
    - app world and all other applications should work

    if that is the case i bet pb will have a positive review all over.
    07-17-11 01:53 AM
  14. Erandhawa's Avatar
    There is no native email on the playbook yet. With that in mind when i connect my bb to wifi and turn off my network i do get connected to bis therefore you can connect to bis through wifi and my bbm and emails work fine with wifi on only. if you have a bb you can test this as well. turn all other data off except wifi then check service status and you will be connected to bis. i've been doing it for years when i travel data roaming is off when i come to a wifi connection all my emails and bbm messages come through.

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    07-17-11 02:03 AM
  15. Erandhawa's Avatar
    sorry your are correct you have to have an active bis plan but thats where it ends, as long as its active with your carrier but you dont have to be using it through their network i believe bis gets activated through your pin. Aslong as your pin is active on rim networks you have no pronlem whether you are using wifi or 3g/4g. Once native email is released on the playbook rim will have to have a different way for playbook owners without bb phones to connect to bis through wifi, most probably whay we activate the playbook when we do the initial setup.

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    07-17-11 02:13 AM
  16. sportline's Avatar
    yeah so bet in some point in time in the future, wifi pb owners will have to subscribe to BIS/BES to get native email or a data plan. i don't think that it will come free, isn't it?
    lots of possible scenarios :
    - wifi pb get native email, new bbid , free of cost or maybe some cheap subscription thru carrier bundling of some sort
    - wifi pb get native email, new bbid which will work thru bb bridge or tethering, possible additional cost, possibly bundled data plan added to existing bb handset BIS service
    -3g/4G pb get same as above with data plan/at cost

    RIM will release native email for free on wifi, most likely...but bbm for free on wifi?
    07-17-11 02:31 AM
  17. sportline's Avatar
    what happened to sprint 4G playbook? any news?
    07-17-11 10:38 AM
  18. Erandhawa's Avatar
    I doubt rim will make wifi playbook owners subscribe to service that will be a huge fail for rim, consumers will not purchase the playbook if they have to pay to check emails. We can only speculate for now but if I had to put money on it I doubt they will charge for wifi users to use native email and calendar.

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    07-17-11 11:59 AM
  19. Charlieo132's Avatar
    The 4g model should be hitting the market in the September time frame according to the annual meeting. Not sure what carriers.
    07-17-11 01:32 PM
  20. sportline's Avatar
    if its 4G then its not penta band world phone? will likely be cdma/sprint?
    07-17-11 07:09 PM
  21. sportline's Avatar
    any update folks??? sprint, verizon, anyone???
    07-26-11 06:07 AM
  22. Mercury's Avatar
    any update folks??? sprint, verizon, anyone???
    WHEN IT GETS RELEASED!!! No one has the answer so stop!!!!
    07-26-11 07:40 AM
  23. sportline's Avatar
    we're looking at 2012 Q1 at least..would it be possible to upgrade existing playbook to radio version, a la motorola xoom?
    10-25-11 08:29 PM
  24. sportline's Avatar
    this is another competitor with 3G, 7" size
    T-Mobile Springboard review -- Engadget
    priced about $430?
    11-08-11 09:12 PM
  25. renownedanonymous's Avatar
    I believe your answer will come in February (or January at CES), otherwise no one knows anything!

    AND, if you're going to list competitors of the 7" variety, why don't you list the Samsung, Kindle, or Nook Tablet? Maybe not as full featured but to an average consumer: same size = same capabilities
    11-08-11 09:30 PM
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