1. hvacdon's Avatar
    I just got "Text Me" working on my PB 2.1 Beta....Sideloaded from goodereader. However I wasn't able to set up an account through the playbook user interface. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1, so downloaded Text Me from the Play Store and set up an account through the tablet app without any issues.

    I was then able to sign in to the Playbook Text Me app. It actually works really well. I get the message on whichever tablet I use first.

    The only issue is that the messages don't push through unless the application is active. This is true on both the PB and Tab. Maybe it works better on a phone.....where the advantage over native text is free texting.

    Check out Text Me on their web site....they assign a free telephone number to the account when you set up your device...I don't see a way to do it directly from their web site. Messages are free. Another issue is that it assigned me a US number, so a caller from Canada, where I am located, may get charged a higher rate to text me.
    09-13-12 10:11 AM