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    So some of you know that I have been having issues with my front facing camera and I have been putting off sending my PlayBook back to BestBuy or RIM/BlackBerry. Today PlayBook tech support hotline and I was treated to a delightful surprise! The gentleman that was assisting me was incredibly helpful! I never expected it and I thought it was going to go over like any regular call center phone call where I would get annoyed and think to myself, this person doesn't know what he/she is doing.

    The agent was very knowledgeable of the PlayBook and EXTREMELY helpful. He sounded South African/Australian (forgive me guys, I find it hard to differentiate the two accents)... If you are experiencing any problems with your PlayBook and we here at CrackBerry.com can't really help, I recommend giving the tech support guys a call!

    Kudos RIM and thank you very much PlayBook tech support agent (He said his name was Ivan, I believe)!
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    06-26-12 08:14 PM
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    Tell us more!!

    What was your problem, what was their process, and what was the solution??
    06-26-12 08:24 PM
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    Tell us more!!

    What was your problem, what was their process, and what was the solution??
    Well, ever since I updated to the OS that was released after OS, my front facing camera stopped working. I tried doing a security wipe and reloading the OS several times but that didn't revive my front camera. I used DingleBerry to downgrade the OS to and my camera worked again but it was a trade off: I traded off having a working front facing camera for issues with my Yahoo mail on the PB. Eventually I couldn't take the annoying "enter your password" message that would pop up for OS and returned to

    I didn't like that my camera didn't work so I tried downgrading my OS today but that didn't get it to work. So I caved in and called RIM at 1-877-644-8405. When Ivan (the agent) came on the phone, he introduced himself and asked for my first name. Pleasantly, he then asked me why I called in. I explained the situation to him then he requested my serial number. After giving him my serial number he told me he noticed that my PlayBook wasn't registered for the 90 day complimentary support (I have had my Playbook for just over a year now lol). So he walked me through the steps of registering. Once that was done he asked that I open the camera and tried going to the front facing camera... eventually I got the "camera is in use by another application" message. He then asked if we could try a few things to possibly determine if it's a software or hardware issue. At this point I told him I tried security wiping, reloading the OS and downgrading the OS but nothing worked. Throughout all this he found the time to engage me in small talk, which I didn't mind. I told him I was in Jamaica at the moment, and won't be in the US 'til around August.

    He said "perfect" (lol) and since security wiping and reloading the OS was what he was going to have me do, he said no need to do this if I had already done it. He then had me go into Help and create a report (log submission). He placed me on hold to talk to a technical support person and eventually he told me I will have to send in the PlayBook for repairs, because my issue seems hardware related and they have had quite a few people with the same issue. He told me that I would have to wait til I got back to the US or send it to someone there then have that person send it in. I said I would send it to my girldfriend, then have her send it in (I think I am going to send it in when I get back, since she is studying almost 24 hrs a day for the bar exam. Hopefully I can still send it in myself). He made me send an email to BlackBerry Support authorizing my girlfriend to send in my PlayBook. He said the repairs should be covered under warranty and explained the warranty stuff. He bid me goodbye and I was on my way.

    Long story (I made it concise, but still long) but that was what happened, the call lasted for about 40 minutes but I was EXTREMELY PLEASED. Thanks for reading.
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    06-26-12 08:53 PM
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    So glad you has a positive experience! Thanks for telling us!
    06-26-12 09:43 PM
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    I called once for a power button issue and the rep couldn't have been more polite. Most importantly he listened. I had a box the next day and a few days later, a fixed PB. The best customer service I have experienced.
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    06-26-12 09:45 PM
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    I had exactly the same response from RIM also. I sent my pb in for rma yesterday. My screen quit registering touches, and the support and rma folks were so pleasant and helpful. I told them other tech support companies needed to take notes from them, because their service and knowledge was beyond following some script.

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    06-26-12 10:47 PM