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    Hi all,
    My playbook stopped working a few days ago. I'm not sure what the issue is, but it won't charge/turn on at all. I've tried stack charging etc. but nothing seems to work. It did not turn off because there was low battery. There was ample battery.
    I finally tried to contact blackberry support because it's only been 5 months since I've bought it. This is actually my second PB, my first one is working fine.

    Support emailed me back saying they can't process my request, and something about if I have a existing incident number I can get it looked at. The Support site says:
    "Unfortunately, your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet does not qualify for Complimentary Support. You can, however get assistance using incident based support from Research In Motion."

    Do I actually have to pay for support?
    Is there a way to get them to fix my PB?
    If anyone has any other advice other than stack charging, that would be awesome.

    Thanks for any help!
    10-19-12 05:18 PM
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    You can contact them by phone or email, and request rma. The 90 days technical complimentary support is for software problems but you have 1 year of hardware warranty.
    10-19-12 05:29 PM
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    Don't email for support. Search this forum for the 1 (800) number and call them. That call will initiate the incident number / ticket. You have a full year of warranty so don't panic.

    Edit: Sorry for the same info, djenkins6 must type faster than me
    10-19-12 05:31 PM
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    If They want to much to fix it you can get a new 64gb for less than $200.
    10-19-12 05:36 PM
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    The PB has a one year warranty to the original purchaser. It also has 90 free Tech support. I do not know how Rim deals with "quasi-tech support v. warranty"

    Rim Support
    Canada Toll Free: 1-877-644-8405
    United States Toll Free: 1-877-644-8410
    Puerto Rico Toll Free: 1-855-651-4936
    Email: playbooksupport@blackberry.com (this route generally does not work and a call is necessary)

    (UK Support) 0800 096 2805

    Playbook French Support
    Phone : 0800 914 533 (within 90 days from activation)


    Let me repost the full variety of Stack and other charging processes:

    Okay, try any and all of the various methods, including just holding the power button in for 30-40 seconds. Also go into a dark closet and make sure the screen is really black/off and not a lit up gray.

    I was told about "stack" charging, 6 cycles of charge no charge, for 2 minutes each, charging for never more than 2 minutes.

    Plug the PB in with the factory charging cable (red light comes on for a several seconds, then goes off). Wait about 10 more seconds. Unplug PB for about 30 seconds.

    Repeat n times.

    n == 6 for me. Finally my PB light switched to green, then began to oscillate, signalling charging. After a few more minutes my PB came back to life.

    You might want to UNplug/Replug at the wall/socket end to avoid using or damaging the weaker usb port on the pb itself.

    Just talked to tech support, because i'm impatient sometimes. Here is the initial process they gave me to try.

    Plug in the charger for 2 mins, unplug for 10 sec -> Repeat 6 to 8 times

    Then while unplugged perform the Hard reset (POWER, VOL + and - at the same time) . **When the red light comes on PLUG IN THE CHARGER**

    The playbook is supposed to then start charging/boot.
    Along the same lines as just above, someone posted:


    WOW, i tried EVERY SINGLE Step out there and the one step that worked ... was HOLDING down the power key for 20 seconds, after 20 Seconds do not let go of the power button and plug in the wall charger, and then let go... should get a steady red light for about 10 seconds, then the battery icon with lightning bolt should appear.. the it will charge with just a flashing green..... lol wasted 4 hrs for nothing hope this works for everyone else

    Some have now found a shorter sequence works:

    Oh man I fixed it. I stack charged it! But not for 2 minutes.

    Every time my PB red signal goes off I removed the connection from the wall charger and placed it back within a second. I repeated it for almost 25-30 times and all in the sudden a big charger button showed up on the screen and a green light on the charging LED. I left th e power connection for 2 more hrs and started using it.
    And another posting that might help....

    There are a few solutions and some are mentioned above. SO try the things I am mentioning below.... Let me know if it works .

    Problem Scenario: 1. Blackberry wont boot or turn on, on pressing the power button, the red light stays for a few seconds and does not turn on 2. Sometimes you will see the red light followed by a green/ yellow light that blinks 5 times and does not turn on.

    Reason: The main reason why both of the above things happen is because the battery is completely drained out, you could call it " Flat out". The problem with playbook is that the playbook wont charge if the playbook is Flat out drained. whereas other tablets or cellphones does....Playbook has to fix that issue. Meanwhile we do have a solution to go around that problem and that requires some patience. Some of the solutions mentioned in the previous comments indicate to charge it via computer.... "It doesn`t work" not if the battery is drained out flat.... so dont even bother trying it if u see the above mentioned problem.

    Solution: try this step by step and this are 3 different solutions so one of this would definitely work. 1. Press the Power button and you will see the Playbook Logo ( chances for this are low ) 2. Press the power button and the volume together, if there is 1 % charge left there is a chance that it would boot on, when you see the logo, immediately charge the playbook ( chances are medium ) 3. This solution requires patience. plug the charger into the socket and plug the USB into the playbook, the red light stays for 8-10 secs. Remove the USb from the playbook wait for 2 to 5 sec and replug the usb back to the charger and wait till that red light comes and goes again. repeat this step atleast 20-30 times. you might be asking why? the only power that the playbook gets is when that red light is on when plugging the usb into the playbook, once that light goes the playbook is not charging.. so what you are doing here is forcing the playbook to get charged for 8 sec every time u plug it to the playbook....this way the playbook gets that power needed to boot. Once the Playbook has that power to boot. The red light stays and changes to green but this time it blinks slowly and keeps blinking. you would also see the playbook logo return.... this green light keeps blinking until there is enough charge for the playbook to stand on its own and then changes to a solid red until it gets fully charged.

    Knowledge Base Article



    Yet another method from:

    My Playbook:

    *Dead for 7 days
    *No LED indications
    *No flashing Red/Greenish Orange LEDs
    *Dead that PC cannot connect with playbook


    *Press Start Button
    *As you press the start button, quickly insert then pull-out USB stock Playbook Charger off the USB port (less then a second with each start button press + insert/pull-out)
    *Playbooks USB port can be damaged over-time, so wiggle the USB stock Charger while performing the Start Button + Insert/Pull-out method.
    ***I did this at least 5-7 times***
    *Perform steps continuously until Red LED light turns on for 8-10 seconds and then the green/orange flashing LED indicator 5x.
    *Once this happens, leave playbook alone for at least 2-3 hrs.
    ***While waiting, make sure you try and press the start button once again to see if the playbook is finally receiving the good 'ol electro-juices-s-s-s by observing the same Red LED light turning on for 8-10 seconds then green/orange flashing LED indicator 5x. This means you've finally done-did-it.***
    *After 2-3 hrs of waiting, un-plug the USB stock Charger then perform Hard Reset (Start+ Vol Up/Down) and wait for about 10-15 seconds.
    ***Warning, if you dont wait 2-3 hrs before pulling the USB stock Charger, you will be stuck back to a dead Playbook once again and going to have to start all over.***
    *Wait for the Red LED to turn back on and the RED DEAD BATTERY ICON with the BOLT should pop up on the screen.
    *The oscillating green lights should initiate showing signs of your playbook finally drankin' sum juices LOL!
    *Make sure you now wait for another 2-3 hrs until the playbook starts up by its own along with the low battery sound indicator.
    *From here, you have the option to leave the playbook on while it charges or turn it off and having a higher rate of charge.
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    10-19-12 07:09 PM
  6. JGK123's Avatar
    Hey guys, thanks for the responses! I guess the logical next step should have been obvious: pick up a phone! i feel silly.

    Anyway I called the canada toll free number, spoke with a guy for a few minutes and everything is going to get worked out. He said this was a known issue, and seemed to know exactly how to go about everything. I think I'll have to print out some labels and send the PB in.

    Thanks again, everyone!
    10-19-12 07:13 PM
  7. DC506's Avatar
    ....and they all lived happily ever after
    10-19-12 07:26 PM
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    called them today about my Error 4003 with the camera on my 18month old 32G PlayBook, one phone call, half an hour later and I have my RMA# :-) if this had been Apple, they'd have told me I'm holding it wrong!
    10-19-12 08:32 PM
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    called them today about my Error 4003 with the camera on my 18month old 32G PlayBook, one phone call, half an hour later and I have my RMA# :-) if this had been Apple, they'd have told me I'm holding it wrong!
    The thumb over the lens does tend to interfere with photographs!
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    10-19-12 10:37 PM

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