1. steph_briere's Avatar
    Someone help me please!

    My playbook froze on me couple days ago. I turned it off by pressing the power button, the restarted it by pressing on the same power button.

    It powers on the gets stucked on the BlackBerry PlayBook screen (the one with bubble). I can not pass this screen!

    I tried the hard reset thing (vol + and - with Power) without any luck...

    Is there something else to do?

    07-28-14 07:14 PM
  2. dna47's Avatar
    Plug it to your computer and restore with blackberry link or device manager. Or you could also try an autoloader. But you have to know that you'll probably lose everything on your playbook
    07-29-14 01:59 AM
  3. Huggy_Bear99's Avatar
    Mine does this quite often when I try hooking up to a crappy wifi signal.
    I end up putting it on my travel charger and pushing the 2 volume buttons and power button - all together - for a long time. Get some blinking lites, etc. but eventually it comes back - maybe a few tries to get the PB back..

    There's a thread on this somewhere here by someone who knows what they're talking about .

    edit - oops, I see you tried this. huh. Mine takes a few tries. good luck.
    07-29-14 07:39 AM

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