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    Well there have been plenty of battery life threads here. Quite a few compla....uh, discuss battery drain rates and how long their PB can last. Quite frankly I haven't had any noticeable issues with battery life on mine but I realize it's a function of use patterns, applications used and other factors that can vary from PB to PB and user to user.

    So I decided to see what kind of drain I have on mine while strictly in Standby Mode. For this, I cleanly booted my PB. I made sure WiFi, and BT were *ON*, and it was bridged to my 9800. Since this is normally how I use it, I left it this way. I did not open any applications (other than the picture app to check the following screenshots).

    I then charged it to 100%, unplugged the charger, started the clock and set my PB aside. The time was Jun 27th at 3:05 PM PDT (last Weds). I periodically resumed it to check the battery % level using the "built in" app by touching the battery indicator and then took a screen shot. The only other times I resumed was to clear the new messages alert (LED) because I'm still bridged. I did connect to it over WiFi from my laptop twice to copy over the screenshots while in standby mode.

    So far, as of 9:22AM today, I'm at 57% charge. Based on the other "check points", I expect to still be above 50% at 3:05 pm today which would be the 72 hour point. I'm not sure how long I'll continue. Part of me is interested to find out if there's a knee in the curve. However, if I anticipate this kind of non-use for real, I would just shut it off.

    Once I'm done, I'll plot out the data points and see how "straight" the line is. Maybe not too scientific, but it's is what it is.

    My PB has the 160511 "date". I got it from the BB store back in Jan. It's a 64G model.

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    Strictly on standby with airplane mode on and Battery Guru running my PB uses 0.05 watts. With a battery fully charged at 19.95 watt-hrs this would figure out to 399 hours. Normally with wifi on it runs about 0.1 watts but I don't get many emails. If people get a lot of battery drain overnight suspect a thief in the night. Maybe you can get rid of the culprit by rebooting but if it comes from an app you often use it will come back. My 64GB PB was obtained from the US BB store in January and shows 99 - 100% battery health after 78 recharges. Still a baby.
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    54% @ 3:23 PM PDT.

    So that's 3 days and still slightly more than half remaining.
    06-30-12 05:24 PM
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    Yep, I'm at about the same, 3-4 days of just pure standby. Mind you I do have WiFi constantly on, and push email running.

    Although even when actually using the thing it does have a pretty good battery life. In OS (the OS I had to update to when I first got my PlayBook) the battery life was decent, since then with the multiple OS 2.x.x revisions, I've noticed the battery life getting better. It's pretty obvious when you're running WiFi constantly, have push email always on etc. and you're getting more usage out of the tablet compared with OS 1.0.x which did not have all the new features that there has been battery optimization over the OS updates.
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    Thanks for the hard data on standby. My beef though has never been with the standby time, it has always been the rapid drain while using the browser. Fact: I get greater battery drain using the browser than when I'm playing back movies using the video player.
    06-30-12 06:52 PM
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    Fact: I get greater battery drain using the browser than when I'm playing back movies using the video player.
    I would expect that. Browsing must use more resources then video playback.
    06-30-12 07:01 PM
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    I also find that Browsing uses quite a bit of power. Watching 2 hours of video is pretty reasonable.
    06-30-12 08:06 PM
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    With no radio's on, just pure standby, I lose 1% every 3-4 hrs. About 0.05W according to battery guru (awesome app).

    With wifi on and bridged, as well as connected to the bt mini keyboard (not sleeping) I often get 0.10W, sometimes as low as 0.07W .

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    Well, I should close this out. I ended the "experiment" around 10PM on the 30th. It was at 50%.

    So a straight line estimate would put my standby time around 7 days. In theory, it would last until morning.
    07-03-12 10:38 PM
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    I can get through a day of use fine with the PlayBook. But if you own an ipad 2 like I do, you'll understand how short the battery span is compared to it.
    07-03-12 11:00 PM
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    really helpful information, thank you for the experiment mr. scientist
    03-07-13 02:35 PM