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    I have the 16GB PB and am suffering from low space. I decided to go into my files and check it all out. I added up all the folder sizes that exist in the playbook stuff like camera, pictures, video, downloads ect...everything. Even Misc. and I got roughly 7GB used...but only 2.5gb of free space listed under Settings>About>Hardware. I do not understand, I should have roughly 9GB of space free. I don't think the BB OS takes up 7GB. Any help will be appreciated.
    07-25-12 05:18 PM
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    My 32GB PB has a max 29.6GB of storage. Meaning that the OS, native apps and basic file system are eating out good 2.5GB of space. OR that it's more like a "30GB" device.

    I'm in the middle of putting some songs into the thing so I can't really check much further, but if it works out the same way, yours should start at 13.5gb and not 16GB. Assuming that it is really maxed at 16GB and not something like 14 or 15 dot something.
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    07-25-12 05:28 PM
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    My 16GB started up at about 13.5. Which was admittedly a little frustrating, considering I was expecting something more like 15
    07-25-12 05:36 PM
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    Ok so...

    All folders BUT misc read as 10.5GB. Another 900mb on misc (without the "android" folder, that is just a link to all other folders. Adding it would get us a wrong number). So, 11.4GB used.

    PB says 5.6GB free.

    29.6GB - 11.4GB -2.5GB = 15.7Gb.

    I wonder where 10.1GB ended up... Let's see what a reboot can tell us...

    EDIT: While the device boots... It just came to mind that we don't see the podcast files and a lot of the stuff inside the device. So well, I downloaded loads of podcasts using BlackBerry Podcasts. So, that's probably what's happening. Protected media and stuff like that making space disappear.
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    07-25-12 06:28 PM
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    Formatted drives have less capacity than unformatted drives (typically 8 to 10% less), and drive manufacturers typically express their capacities in their unformatted state. Thus, the 400 gig formatted hard drive in my desktop shows in Widows explorer as having a capacity of 371.7 gigs, my 2 gig SD card shows a capacity of 1.83 gigs, and my 64 gig PB shows a capacity of 58.2 gigs. Thus, the actual capacity of a 16 gig PB should actually be around 14.5 gigs.
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    07-25-12 06:40 PM
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    Do those locations/numbers include Apps? Some of those Racing games can be a half gig or more each
    07-25-12 07:13 PM
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    Do those locations/numbers include Apps? Some of those Racing games can be a half gig or more each
    How silly of me. Of course I forgot to factor in apps. I have 12 of them are big games (Dead Space, Lara Croft, Asphalt, etc). That should account for the missing memory.

    So, OP... Does that make sense now?
    07-25-12 09:09 PM
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    box app is the best solution
    07-27-12 01:54 AM
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    box app is the best solution
    Yes, free 50GB is nice and all but I think his issue is really understanding what is happening to his storage space, rather the amount of free space.

    So, I checked Desktop Software and it said I have 9,13GB in apps and 1,19GB in settings.

    29,6 - 2,5 - 9,13 - 1,19 - 10,4 = 6,38. The PB says I have 5,6GB of free space. That's just 780MB I can't explain now.
    07-27-12 10:03 PM