1. tuggie's Avatar
    My playbook notified me of a software update to 2.0.1 668 which I downloaded sucessfully
    My wife's playbook did not give the same notification.
    When I check the software on hers it is 2.0.1. 358 and when I enter for software updates it indicates hers is the latest update
    Any help appreciated
    08-07-12 10:54 AM
  2. freighter1's Avatar
    .668 update was pulled by RIM
    Apparently there were some issues with it
    08-07-12 10:56 AM
  3. kozmo68's Avatar
    Boards?! What boards?!! We don't need no stinking boards!! LOL... But on a serious note I downloaded .688 and had some serious battery drains until I hard rebooted a second time.. So far other then running slightly hotter on some apps all is good.. Email much snappier, browser also improved apps open quicker too.. Waiting patiently for the next upgrade.
    08-07-12 07:44 PM