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    I have seen some posts on CB lately about the pb being less than stellar in performance. Well not to long ago mine started to acted up. i didn't think much about it, wifi issue sticking here and there. That is the nature of computer technology, it aint perfect. Then my camera crapped out and my battery was draining, and after several swipes and reloads i called RIM. Great service and one week later a new pb in my hand. I didn't realize how bad my old pb was. The new one was once again, bad . My point is if your playbook is running like crap, thats not the way it is supposed to run. So don't ignore it because you don't want to think bb can have issues and don't come on crackberry talking about how much it sucks. thats the nature of the beast. My buddies Ipad is in the shop for the 3rd time. get it fixed, its a great tablet as I watch a movie streaming through my pb to my 40in running it all by bridge remote through my 9860. ;-)

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    08-09-12 10:44 PM
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    Yep! Thanks for an honest post. I'm just glad cars don't come out like consumer electronics.
    08-09-12 11:03 PM