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    I've had my playbook for about 4 months now. Every once in a while it shuts off for about a day and it works completely fine for about a month, now it started happening again. This time, although, it's more intense than before. About a week ago my Playbook started shutting off after being unplugged for about an hour. I can put it in and out of stand by mode, and after about an hour of being unplugged the screen automatically shuts off. I can't turn it back on unless I plug it back in. I have tried the hard reset, I have reloaded the software twice, and I have also done a security wipe a few times as well, and nothing seems to stop the issue. I have the latest OS installed. Has this happened to anyone on here, and if so how did you fix it? Thanks in advance!
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    You do swipe completely from top to bottom bezel to bring it out of standby? (or bottom to top or left/right)

    What kind of battery charge is it showing?

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    Best I can suggest is buy my Battery Guru app to get a better picture what's actually going on. It will show you the battery voltage, as well as other data, and from that you'll likely be able to see why it's shutting off.

    If the tablet is shutting itself off because the voltage is too low it means it charged insufficiently, which could be a charger or a battery problem.

    If it's got a high enough voltage and battery charge but is just shutting off instantly, it likely indicates a loose connection.

    Either way, you should learn enough to be able to contact RIM for tech support and a possible replacement or repaid under warranty.

    See Engenuity: PlayBook Apps for info.
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