1. cyrixuk's Avatar
    Help !!!!

    I was using my Playbook and a message came up saying it had to shut down, since then it tries to boot up but shuts off during boot, i plug in charge and i get a long red light followed by 5 short green lights, i tried plugging in and unplugging charge till i get lightning bolt & battery symbol on display i leave it plugged in a while and it tries to boot and it gets tuck on the playbook logo with the changing coloured background for about 5 minutes then shuts down, i have tried plugging into laptop and re-installing software its cycles through the install then when it goes to reboot playbook shuts off and does nothing, can anyone help?
    02-13-14 02:20 PM
  2. KDB84's Avatar
    Search for stack-charging on the forums - you might be trying to boot up too early.
    02-13-14 03:10 PM
  3. William Chatfield's Avatar
    Do what we did - before they run out of stock. (there doesn't seem to by many left - We got ours from Amazon, at which time they had 10 left)

    Buy the fast charging device - it connects with the Playbook with a magnetic contact (like the Mac), charges the playbook much faster and probably will not fail on you like the USB charging port seems to do for so many users.

    The problem is that the USB charging circuits rely on enough battery power to run the processor that controls the charging process. Once the charge gets low enough, the processor won't run and you can not charge the device normally. The fast charger skips the processor routine and charges the batteries directly.

    Human time using the "stack charging" routine and other so called methods far exceeds the cost of the charger. ;-)
    02-13-14 04:11 PM
  4. robsteve's Avatar
    Also, you need to use a PlayBook charger. If you are using a third party charger it may not supply enough charging current or if meant for an iPad may not be wired so the PlayBook sees it as a high current charger.
    02-13-14 05:38 PM
  5. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar

    always charge your pb before it gets to 10%...
    Carl Estes likes this.
    02-14-14 02:12 AM

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