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    My PB now has one fairly noticeable 1" long scratch and several very faint mini-scratches from a mishap. What are some of my options? From internet research, it seems that it is possible to "mask" some of these scratches with an invisible shield or screen protector (should have had one on to begin with, but I thought having a case around it would be enough... except sometimes I take it out of the case to use it).

    Another option I've seen is to use something like a screen polisher (ie Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: PodShop iDrops: Cleaner, Polish, Scratch Remover for iPod, iBook, eMac, Power Mac, and iMac). Anyone have any experience with these? Reviews haven't lead me to make a conclusion yet. Someone also mentioned jeweler's rouge - apparently used to fix watch faces.

    Final option would be to replace the screen. Not sure if this is even cost effective considering I can probably fetch a PB on craigslist for $100 nowadays.

    09-09-12 02:46 AM
  2. madman0141's Avatar
    If your PlayBook isn't a 64g then replace it you will need the space sooner or later. The 64g price is dropping like a rock in a month or so should be $150.
    Screen replacement makes most sense but due to dropping prices replacement is best option.
    The only thing dropping faster than PlayBook price is the price of RIMM stock.
    09-09-12 05:55 AM
  3. Broxster's Avatar
    Try a screen protector first,you can buy a 6 pack here for 4.......they go on amazingly well and are bubble free......polishing could be an option,some car products like meguiars ultimate compound or similar very fine compounds should remove minor scratches.
    09-09-12 06:24 AM
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    I had a watch crystal that got splashed with some caustic or acid cleaner that made the crystal go white and it was impossible to see the time. I got a cream polisher similar to what is used to clean the glass top stove surfaces rubbed the crystal for several minutes and eventually it cleared up totally. I would try this first. It's very fine and shouldn't make matters worse.
    09-09-12 07:04 AM
  5. Chaddface's Avatar
    Without knowing how abrasives affect the digitizer, I would be hesitate to polish the screen.
    Does anyone know how that works? Is the part that senses press on top of the glass?
    09-09-12 07:28 AM
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    Another option you might try researching, is Super Glue.

    I know it has been used to repair chipped or scratched windshields and cracked windows. I am just not too sure how "invisible" it would be on a tablet screen and how it would affect the digitizer.
    09-09-12 07:54 AM
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    I think if you post a photo of your damage it my help to see what you are up against.

    09-09-12 09:04 AM
  8. svelt's Avatar
    Super glue sounds just a bit too for me to try, think I'll try the screen protector first. Here are some pics from it - the camera makes it look more evident than it actually is. Notice one of the scratches is "rainbowing", hence it is probably a lot deeper than the other one which is quite faint and barely visible when the Playbook is on.

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    09-09-12 01:10 PM