08-02-12 02:44 AM
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  1. ajst222's Avatar
    Whether true or not is irrelevant, though I tend to agree with Matt. The market doesn't agree.
    But the market is just manipulated by..well...marketing. Something that RIM doesn't do so well. But I love the PB, and I tend to agree more with the OP on this. I have used iPad and top notch Android tabs and IMO the PlayBook comes out on top. Don't forget multitasking!! PB in undoubtedly number one in that category.
    08-01-12 07:46 PM
  2. Samhain2057's Avatar
    Ok, so I got my playbook for 70 USD off a guy on craigslist. I think he gave it to me for so cheap because I am a poor grad student, but whatever. I'm a huge fan of android, but I have a Archos G9 80 and the playbook is much better for work. I use it for both of my graduate assistantships and people have noticed how small it is compared to other devices. I'm happy with the apps thus far and it is an overall excellent investment on my part. The thing was brand new... he even gave me the receipt for the warranty.
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    08-01-12 07:48 PM
  3. spdill12's Avatar
    Fix the sluggish PIM apps, boot time, Android player, add browser bookmarks and fix the browser cache being saved under Pictures in File Manager - it shouldn't be there!!!. RIM cut us some slack here!!

    The specs of this tablet can handle it. The OS needs to be more optimized.

    I love the feel of the playbook, its gestures and TRUE multitasking - TOP of the line.

    The apps are not there in App World - Fine - I get it!!!! Then perfect everything else dammmit! Make this a solid professional tablet. Perfect the OS!! Make the playbook the beast that it truly can be.
    08-01-12 09:15 PM
  4. erhan8's Avatar
    So you mean to say comparing the playbooks 1024X600 to ipads 2048X1536 there isnt enough of a difference to you? I say you are either completely blind or are extremely closed minded! When it comes to viewing high definition images and video the ipad is unarguably clearly the best.

    I do like my apple products I have spent $4000 with apple in the last year and all my devices work perfectly, are built from high grade quality materials like aluminum and glass, no plastic to scratch or crack, have amazing long battery life even with heavy use, I also find the closed restrictive os to be a value adding feature as I can just pick it up and use it while I am working making money instead of having to be constantly messing with settings to find a compromise in performance and battery life that costs me money by taking my time away from a job.
    First, its not that much better than the old ipad not the playbook.
    Second, if you foolishly spent $4,000 on apple products you are a fanboy. No denying it.
    Last but not least if your playing with your media player, i mean ipad at work your not making money. What did it take you, 2 days to set up the playbook? You better stick to the apple products. Leave the tech to the pros.
    Oh and heavy use is a perfect description. The ipad feels like 10 pounds in my hands compared to 7" tablets.
    08-02-12 02:44 AM
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