1. JKuitert's Avatar
    I was minding my own business, using the Facebook app on my playbook when out of nowhere and without warning it gives me the "Shutting down PlayBook" message when over 80% battery. This threw me off, but I couldn't do anything about it. When I tried to boot up again, it gave me the icon with a plug and an arrow pointing from it to a lightning bolt, and when I plugged it in, it had the empty battery logo with the lightning bolt on it. After fiddling with the power cord and leaving it for about an hour, it "dinged" and booted up, but showed 0% battery. However, I used it for about another hour unplugged to see if it would work. When plugged in, it no longer had the charging icon and stayed at 0%. When I went to restart it to try and reset the battery display, it recycled the hour long pre-boot process. I think the battery is incorrectly reporting its level to the playbook, as I've left it charging all night now with no change in the charge. Do I have to replace the battery now?
    05-05-13 10:22 AM
  2. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    Is the USB bent? Also - what happens if you plug it into your computer with Desktop Manager or Link running?
    05-05-13 10:33 AM
  3. JKuitert's Avatar
    The USB seems fine. The battery didn't hit 0% charge before shutting down on me, but does now. I was able to use it normally in the computer after the one hour pre-boot process I told you about earlier, so I backed everything up. I decided I'd see if it was any of the software, so I wiped the Playbook. Now it wants to do a system update, but it still refuses to charge.
    05-05-13 10:37 AM
  4. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    how long have you had it??? is it still under warranty??? have you had this thing torn apart before??? sounds like you may have zigged, when you should've zagged if you did...
    05-05-13 11:12 AM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    re: warranty

    The PB has a one year warranty to the original purchaser. It also has 90 free Tech support. I do not know how Rim deals with "quasi-tech support v. warranty"

    Rim Support
    Canada Toll Free: 1-877-644-8405
    United States Toll Free: 1-877-644-8410
    Puerto Rico Toll Free: 1-855-651-4936
    Email: playbooksupport@blackberry.com (this route generally does not work and a call is necessary)

    (UK Support) 0800 096 2805

    Playbook French Support
    Smartphones BlackBerry Z10 - Tous les Téléphones Portables BlackBerry - FR - France
    Phone : 0800 914 533 (within 90 days from activation)

    BlackBerry® Customer Support Center
    RIM (Brasil Support toll free number): 0800-022-3161
    Bulgaria: 00800-118-1115
    Denmark: 802-50198
    France: 800-914-533
    Germany: 800-181-6530
    Italy: 800-789-272
    Luxembourg: 800-2-2187
    Netherlands: 800-022-7316
    Norway: 00-1-647-426-7058
    Poland: 00-800-112-43-59
    Portugal: 800-827-760
    Russia: 8-800-100-9643
    South Africa: 0800988892
    Spain: 900-866-969
    Sweden: 02-079-4448
    Switzerland: 0-800-802-492
    United Kingdom: 08000962805

    Phone-Numbers of BlackBerry PLAYBOOK- Helpdesks...

    Germany: 0800 1816530 (Gebührenfrei)

    North-America: 1 877 255 2377 (Toll Free)

    UK: 0808 100 7466 (Toll Free UK only)

    Outside UK: +44 1753 558400

    Worldwide: 1 519 888 6181


    (BTW: Helpdesk for BlackBerry devices -except PlayBook- for Germany:
    0180 3302626)
    05-05-13 11:13 AM
  6. JKuitert's Avatar
    Unfortunately, it's well over a year old, so warranty is not an option. I haven't opened it up before, so everything is as it came. I'm thinking I have to replace the battery/battery assembly.
    05-05-13 12:10 PM
  7. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    Unfortunately, it's well over a year old, so warranty is not an option. I haven't opened it up before, so everything is as it came. I'm thinking I have to replace the battery/battery assembly.
    try giving them a call,,, they've been known to replace pb's w/ battery issues...
    05-05-13 12:57 PM
  8. jrsegoviano's Avatar
    If it is still not charging try using another USB charger. For example the square charger that is supplied with BB Phones. This will make it charge slow but it will give you a "quality" charge, i completely stoped using the charger that came with the playbook, Just like many other stuff made in china it sucks.
    05-05-13 07:48 PM
  9. Jablad's Avatar

    I have exactly the same problem - i can use the PB when it's plugged in but it lasts no more than 5 minutes when unplugged.
    The PB does recognise the charger (screen gets brighter) but the battery indicator shows 0% and does not show it's charging.

    Any thoughts?
    08-10-13 10:47 AM
  10. Cynycl's Avatar
    you should use battery guru and you will know what is going on with your charging cycle and battery use
    08-10-13 11:23 AM

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