1. Worldway's Avatar
    I have to start by admitting that I have done some searching but not a huge amount. I thought I would start this thread in the hopes that I will get an answer to my problems faster than if I tried searching the solution. If I offend anyone then I apologize.

    Most of this has to do with the release of the Z10 which has the same operating system as my Playbook. I pre-ordered my Z10 and will be getting it Tuesday but now I'm a little nervous.

    Here's the thing. My Playbook will close an application unexpectedly. I can be on the web at Crackberry.com and all of a sudden the browser closes. I can be playing a game and all of a sudden the game closes. It doesn't happen all of the time but it's frustrating. And I'm concerned that I'll have the same problems with the Z10.

    I know there has been a lot of discussions on the Playbook. I'm hoping someone can just give me the quick solution.

    01-31-13 08:17 PM
  2. anon(4067838)'s Avatar
    Hi worldway,
    I have this problem with the browser every now and then, and in the mail app when deleting messages (seems to be when I try to delete them too quickly). Have not had it happen with games or other apps that I can remember. Not doing it that often so not overly concerned, I put it down to a software gliche???
    Good luck with the new Z10, I am extremely jealous as I don't know when we'll get them in Australia. Just hanging out for the BB10 update for playbook, that will keep me happy!
    02-01-13 02:56 AM
  3. dave_h_946's Avatar
    It sounds to me like memory problem. If I were you I would have followed the following steps:
    1) Make sure you clear cache, history e.t.c. from the browser by going to browser "settings" --> "Privacy and Security" --> "Clear all".
    2) Make sure you have enough storage in your playbook. You can check this by going to settings -->about --> View info about your tablet "Hardware" and check the "free storage". In my 16GB PB I don't let it go below 1GB. People have reported that their PBs' performance is getting very sluggish when this figure drops a lot. If it is low start by deleting things.
    3) Sideloaded apps (if you have any) have been accused of slowing down PBs.
    4) Make sure you use the correct charger. If you use a rapid traveller charger try to use the original mains charger for some time and observe.
    5) If all these fail back up and perform a security wipe.
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    02-01-13 03:16 AM
  4. 123nat's Avatar
    Im upset. My flawless fast super fast playbook died (it was only 4 weeks old) so RIM said it was an operating system fault. I went back to shop and exchanged for a brand new one yesterday. But the new one seems slower, Messages App seems slower and doesn't even load. Ive restarted it twice already in the last 24 hours cos of little niggles. and it only been one day. Feel like crying. Hope this doesnt happen again.
    02-01-13 03:54 AM

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