1. Mr Flibble's Avatar

    I've had my playbook 16gb for 7/8 months now and have to say - it's absolutely perfect for what I want! There seems to be loads of threads on here bemoaning this and that, but I wanted a device that enabled me to browse the internet, access my work email/calendar and contacts and this does it for me perfectly.

    The interface works really well and is incredibly intuitive - and the form factor size itself is perfectly comfortable for carrying out, opening and using.

    Would I like netflix on playbook? I'm not sure - we have netflix on the PS3 and it's great - but how often am I in a location with easilly accesible wi-fi when not at home? not that often, so it's no loss - I just load my playbook up with films/TV shows and watch them on the device when staying in hotels when away with work.

    So all in all, the playbook was definetely the right choice for me!
    07-31-12 10:52 AM