1. wizbit's Avatar
    Loving the PlayBook and was looking forward to the 2.1 update, but...

    We use Outlook BCM at work, with over 14,000 contacts that are synchronized to my contacts folder and then to my BlackBerry.

    This works really well (causes your phone to freeze occasionally whilst downloading) but when I try to use the SMS feature of the bridge, it seems to freeze downloading all those contacts. I get the circle in middle of screen and I can see the contact list number increasing. When it's finished (takes about 5 minutes) I can't expect the contact list it just freezes.

    Looking at the contact list in the bridge contact app is fine. Any one else getting this?
    10-13-12 05:34 PM
  2. avsroy's Avatar
    Confirm - I am facing the same issue with my PB64 and 9790 7.1. In fact I haven't had the patience to wait and so not used the SMS app over bridge till now. I have about 6k contacts. Since all my contacts are on my outlook server they are in any case available on my playbook contact list so this contact syncing is an unnecessary overhead in my view...
    10-13-12 08:29 PM

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