09-24-12 03:17 PM
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    Agree berrycleaver about no date. I was just responding to the current 2.1 beta should be released as an official.
    I think I just convoluted what I was trying to say. I should have left that part out (I added it because if A happened, then B.1 would be the next step, but if A was changed then step B.2 would be done.... ultimately I just made it confusing and it was unnecessary to point to put into it (or I am simply articulate enough to say it in a better way).

    Either way, although I stand by everything I said, that beta point should have been left out unless the conversation steered that way and I should have formulated the words in a better way. Sorry
    09-22-12 06:42 PM
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    Bah no need to be sorry. We all have an opinion and like to voice it.
    09-22-12 07:43 PM
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    Ask any galaxy note owner how long it took to upgrade to ics. Forever. Once the upgrade came around it was so buggy it rendered a lot of phones useless if not bricked. Samsung desktop software hardly works with windows 7 to this day. Won't install on mountain lion at all. I am forced to run CM10 instead of ics and use a third party desktop software on an 700 dollar phone. Google it. Samsung could care less. Dont even get me started on the issues I have had with my new Imac. Having had 4 rock solid playbooks over the last year has mad me a HUGE Blackberry fan. I got over the waiting frustration and just enjoy the quality of the playbook. Patiently waiting for updates and a spankin new bb phone.
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    09-23-12 06:24 AM
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    Well tomorrow is the 25th hope it gets here!!!!!!!!
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    09-24-12 02:16 PM
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    Well tomorrow is the 25th hope it gets here!!!!!!!!
    Hopefully.... so that they can bring on the BB10 Beta! Oh, I do hope and dream that there is a BB10 beta.
    09-24-12 03:17 PM
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