03-03-13 08:52 AM
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  1. mufc_Nick.C_mufc's Avatar
    Hey guys as we are all aware the playbook received a update today to the so share your findings!!!
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    02-13-13 04:04 PM
  2. Chris Hooter's Avatar
    I do like the audio boost feature! The louder the better!!!
    02-13-13 05:55 PM
  3. gdassoy's Avatar
    If it's not BB10, i won't be impressed by any of it....
    02-13-13 06:16 PM
  4. MikePembo951's Avatar
    Cudo to RIM/BB!
    It's a really good improvement, much faster, keyboard input seems quicker. Switching apps and opening the app screen is much quicker.

    It's not BB10, but a really solid update!
    As much as I want bb10 for playbook I'd rather wait and have a really good bb10 for playbook than just a crap port.
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    02-13-13 06:22 PM
  5. GV2012's Avatar
    IWhen I heard there were some improvements to the browser I was hoping the you tube experience from browser would be a bit better for me. Hate to say it but it actually seems worse. I go in watch a vid, once completed I ll click on another vid on the side bar to watch and it just hangs up.I have to get out and refresh or click on the vid I tried through memory. I can't really tell a difference on anything else yet.

    after reading yetis_torch's post I decided to go back and see if I could add my providers email because I couldn't before and now she works!
    Thanks bbry and thanks Yetis_torch
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    02-13-13 07:21 PM
  6. antiRIM's Avatar
    They didn't fix Facebook.. I can't even believe that wasn't a priority.
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    02-13-13 07:24 PM
  7. djenkins6's Avatar
    Added back gmail and Google caldav. Initial sync was faster and seems to be working well.

    I'm not sure if I'm imagining it but some of the keyboard actions seem to have changed, such as the enter changing to submit, next etc.
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    02-13-13 07:33 PM
  8. Sudden_Berry's Avatar
    has anyone tried to see if they upgraded the android player (ie: new apps can now run)

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    02-13-13 07:34 PM
  9. yetis_torch's Avatar
    It fixed the Rogers/yahoo email issue. I deleted the old account a while ago. After the update it was just a simple matter of entering my email address and password and voila! Took a few minutes but IT'S BACK!
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    02-13-13 07:35 PM
  10. katesbb's Avatar
    No noticeable changes for the things I normally do.
    02-13-13 07:36 PM
  11. zokotroken's Avatar
    BlackBerry World is here!!!
    02-13-13 07:42 PM
  12. luqman24's Avatar
    BlackBerry World is here!!!
    Lol its the same app store, just rebranded to BB World.
    02-13-13 07:46 PM
  13. Canuck671's Avatar
    I had heard that the sms was coming to this update. Still waiting.
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    02-13-13 08:56 PM
  14. Blackman91's Avatar
    They fixed the blackberry world search function, it wasnt working well when its name was just appworld, also the browser is faster.
    02-13-13 09:10 PM
  15. Shane8750's Avatar
    Still no option for backlight always on. At least when charging. So simple, yet not thought its needed? Lol
    02-13-13 09:14 PM
  16. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    I had heard that the sms was coming to this update. Still waiting.
    playbook was/is already able to do bridged sms...
    02-13-13 09:42 PM
  17. amrovi2014's Avatar
    The browser seems faster loading. I web surfed and the pages loaded quicker. Audio sound is louder.
    02-13-13 10:07 PM
  18. rexxenex's Avatar
    They didn't fix Facebook.. I can't even believe that wasn't a priority.
    Did you actually use the app? I only ever use the browser. Cant stand the app
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    02-13-13 10:32 PM
  19. redk's Avatar
    My playbook seems to run the same. I haven't noticed any diFference. My browser is the same and I don't use the native email on the playbook. I rely soly on bridge.
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    02-13-13 10:34 PM
  20. JimTheDancingBear's Avatar
    Just updated one of my PB's and the battery life is amazing...oh wait.....
    02-13-13 11:17 PM
  21. irrebkcalB's Avatar
    If it's not BB10, i won't be impressed by any of it....
    "BB10" is essentially just a name for a style or iteration of a QNX powered UI. The phones' UI are powered by a faster processor(s) and double the RAM which necessarily means that the PB will not get "BB10" per se. What it will get are features found on the phones such as the more efficient browser and BB10 apps. The OS will be configured in such a way that the PlayBook's less powerful hardware will be able to run these updates. When the last delay of the new phones was announced the reason given was that all the code was going to have to be rewritten. This will have to happen with the PlayBook as well though I'm thinking that most of the heavy lifting has already been accomplished with "BB10". QNX handles individual processes and all these processes have to be written in such a way that a seamless UI is the result. The micro kernel allots available resources to the processes and with less resources the PlayBook will not handle "BB10" as found on the phones. I would tend to believe that the miracle of multitasking, "the hub", won't make its way to the PlayBook as it probably takes the best part of a gig of RAM alone to run that suite of processes. So, "BB10 " will not be coming to the PlayBook. However, PB OS2 might well be updated to "PB OS10".

    My browser seems slightly snappier.
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    02-13-13 11:32 PM
  22. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    Guys, we are still trying to convince BalckBerry to roll BB10 to PlayBook... that "small" update is like a positive gesture or response that we will still getting something better...

    So, I suggest, for the moment, we should be thankful and count the blessing first... before the sheep...

    To BlackBerry thanks for the updates... and we are looking forward to a better one... like close to BB10 if not yet BB10...
    02-14-13 02:28 AM
  23. .Shogun.'s Avatar
    Nothing ... very smal... Dissapointed
    02-14-13 03:00 AM
  24. ckeins's Avatar
    I don't see any major changes. MAYBE the user experience is a LITTLE FASTER, but I'm not sure.
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    02-14-13 03:59 AM
  25. ChrisMay's Avatar
    If it's not BB10, i won't be impressed by any of it....
    Well done! I like your positive attitude!!
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    02-14-13 04:04 AM
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