12-20-12 11:56 AM
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  1. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    Kudos to the op and "blah" to the negative nannies on this thread! Blah and haha!!
    CairnsRock likes this.
    12-19-12 09:12 AM
  2. bitek's Avatar
    By who? The rumour mill?

    The week has past and nothing. Gotta love these rumours.
    I think apologies are in order for op. Don't you think?
    CairnsRock likes this.
    12-19-12 01:13 PM
  3. CairnsRock's Avatar
    This is not a inside BlackBerry tip. released day after registration info released and today registration info (PTCRB - dated DEC 3) for released. So this is just an inspiration...

    "OS version Radio version:"
    You the man rroyy! I never gave up faith in your prediction. Great detective work.
    12-19-12 01:20 PM
  4. 9of13's Avatar
    NOW we know there's an update.
    12-19-12 03:02 PM
  5. theHip's Avatar
    I still can't see Facebook events and birthdays in my calendar.
    This. I would like this to be fixed. I can see Facebook events, but not birthdays. It's sad, but I rely on Facebook for birthday reminders. Having them in my PB calendar was bliss.
    12-20-12 11:56 AM
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