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    Begins: Place an order for a 16g Playbook Dec. 2 w/ 2 day shipping, received order confirmation and then 2 days later received an order "update" that said "Due to the volume of orders....blah, blah, blah, it's gonna be late."

    Today: Found a number in the threads (1-888-805-6789), called and found out that my order had been CANCELLED (never received an email stating THAT!) due to my shipping/billing addresses being different. After a nice chat with a very helpful rep and switching credit cards, my order has been reinstated at original price of $199 + $20.74 for 2nd day shipping.

    Hope: I'm not going to hold my breath on this, but I certainly feel better about the possibility of getting my 13 year old daughter a Playbook (like dad's! ) by X-mas.

    Advice: I would encourage anybody who might be experiencing issues with their orders to call the above # and ask for Claudia (the nicest, sweetest customer service rep around).
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    12-08-11 09:48 AM
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    Thanks for posting this, the # you provided got me through someone at shop blackberry. I have to say that I was not as lucky as you were. The guy I spoke with had no idea who was he even answering the phone for.

    So I got an email from them that specifies a TRACKING #, well according to this DA (dumb arse) that's not a tracking # it's only a confirmation #, then why call it such?????

    Needless to say, "we cannot help you at this time since it's still in the shipping status". Call us by Wednesday of next week if you still have not rcvd your package and then we can help you. I went with these guys thinking I'd get better service. WOW was I wrong.

    For those of you still waiting, the packages are distributed from Des Moines, Iowa then on to their various destinations. Whatever!!!!
    12-08-11 11:23 AM