1. iseeblackberry's Avatar
    My friend says he lost about 600 pictures after a PlayBook O/S upgrade.... First look seems like they are gone....any hope for him? ( I reminded him about the warning received telling him to do a backup before he does anything... he said I was rubbing it in.) #TeamCrackBerry! Thanks to all...
    02-27-13 06:04 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    If he did not backup, all hope may be lost. He has looked all around the pb? He merely did the os upgrade and not through the Desktop Software?

    I'm not sure if those utilities that can recover data lost from sd cards and other usb drives would work for the pb but that might be an option.
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    02-27-13 06:48 PM
  3. LazyEvul's Avatar
    Yeah I believe I lost my photos when I upgraded to the latest OS as well. I made a backup but I decided not to bother since I wanted a fresh start. If your friend didn't bother with a backup, he's most likely out of luck.
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    02-27-13 06:51 PM
  4. xamdam's Avatar
    Always do a backup, then always do a manual backup = plug playbook in to PC and one the drive has been mounted go to it under my computer and then find the photos folder and picture folder and copy and paste the folder where ever you like, same goes for music and whatever else you want, this way you have mutiple backups in case Desktop Manager did not backup or has issues backing up.

    Once OS is upadte, just reverse the process i outlined above.
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    02-27-13 09:51 PM
  5. KermEd's Avatar
    Never had images vanish.

    He might've dragged them somewhere off the PlayBook or possibly even deleted the photos in Android (which deletes the actual photos as well). But the only way you can lose the photos I think is to lose everything and start over...
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    02-28-13 01:13 AM

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