1. Santec's Avatar
    Okay heres whats happening. Ever since the current upgrade to my Playbook Ive lost the ability to connect to my PC/BB Desktop Manager.

    When I plug it into the USB port DTM reports that a device with the PBs PIN has been connected however, I cannot find the PB in My Computer or in Windows Explorer.

    Desktop Manager will list the PB but is not able to connect and after a few minutes DTM reports Blackberry Desktop Software cannot communicate with the connected device. It offers some buttons to Retry, Update or Cancel and in the text box to update the PB which follows to a notice that if I proceed my PB will be reset to factory settings and all of my data and applications will be lost, I dont want that to happen.

    Again, Ive been using this system with my PB for over a year, the problem occurred immediately after the latest PB OS Upgrade.

    Just for grins, my laptop that runs Vista connects just fine to my PB, whats up with that?

    The XP system is running DTM Version 7.1, and the Vista system is running Version 7.0 and yes I did uninstall 7.1 on the XP and then install 7.0 but got the same results as above.

    So if there are any Super Techs that have a solution Id really appreciate some guidance here.


    02-26-13 09:32 PM
  2. jeroen_13's Avatar
    (On your playbook)
    Go to settings -> Memory settings (above the Security setting) and USB connection to ; Connect with Windows
    02-27-13 08:47 AM
  3. jeroen_13's Avatar
    02-27-13 08:57 AM
  4. Santec's Avatar

    So still no luck getting the PB to link with DTM on my PC so I bit the bullet and let DTM on my Vista Laptop reinstall the OS. Of course this did a security wipe on the PB but I was okay with that because I had backed it up on the Laptop. Oops, it won't restore the PB, after about 4.2mb it fails out with an unidentified failure. I've tried altering what data is restored, I've enabled/disabled WiFi & blue-Tooth and checked all the sharing and file settings with no joy.

    Why is such a basic function such a gigantic problem? I've been doing all of this for year or so now and until this last update it all worked flawlessly, I just don't get it. At least with Windows I can "Roll-Back" and upgrade if there are problems, why not my Playbook?

    So, any new input or fix's for this or am I stuck having to purchase and replace all my apps and try to find replacements for the forms and stored data I seem to have lost? Oh yea, plus all the time I will have to spend setting up all the apps and custom files and folders.

    I’m a serious and committed Blackberry fan but this is really testing my loyalty I’ll tell you that. Maybe it’s time to start looking at an ASUS or Galaxy tablet…

    Bummed Out,

    02-27-13 03:03 PM
  5. XDrew42's Avatar
    No Clue, I am in the same position. Will pass along anything I find.
    03-03-13 07:20 PM
  6. wavemansam's Avatar
    had the same problem with xp. I uninstalled the desktop manager, updated the usb driver for windows then only used the explorer software from the pb, it showed up as z drive
    03-04-13 10:28 AM
  7. MLD4's Avatar
    I worked with BB for an hour wiping my PB. The PB was last saved two weeks ago. Still can't connect to Desktop Software after reloading OS 1526. Now what? If I phone BB again I do not want to wipe it clean. I tried other solutions. My Bold connects to the same software without a problem. Any bright ideas?
    03-06-13 06:07 PM

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