1. feelingsupersonic's Avatar
    I purchased a 2nd gen Nexus 7 tablet and I have to say, it blows the Playbook out of the water. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Playbook when I got it, but the lack of OS update really killed it for me. The Nexus 7 is much lighter weight, and its screen resolution is insane. I also MUCH prefer how it is easier to get media onto the device than a PB, particularly how my wifi sharing to my playbook would show up maybe one out of times when I actually wanted it to. The exclusivity of only BB phones being allowed to connect to a lot of the PB features also is just plain dumb in hindsight, as I have an HTC phone and have never been able to use Bridge, but I guess that's just a small complaint.

    One thing that really bugged me is that the internet browser got excruciatingly slow about a month into using my playbook. Sometimes, Yahoo.ca would take 15 seconds, to load which really amazed me. I also can't go back to using the stock PB keyboard after using SwiftKey on an Android tablet, it's just much better in every way. The one thing that is MUCH better on the PB is still the speakers. I've always said that PB stereo speakers are the best audio experience on any tablet thus far, and remain so IMO, but that's about the only thing I like after upgrading.

    I really feel that if the PBs were upgraded to OS 10, I'd still be using this. OS10 is indeed an amazing OS with the gesture based actions which I really enjoyed when using my friend's Z10, but the abysmal lack of apps and ecosystem has made me really hate the PB now. I wonder if I can at least sell this for $90 or something.
    11-10-13 01:37 AM
  2. Vithulan L Nathan's Avatar
    Playbook not my go to tablet anymore-58061.jpg boobobobobobobobooooooooo
    11-10-13 02:53 AM
  3. RegN's Avatar
    I cannot relate as far as other tablets but pb feel old now that I have bb10 phone and compatibility has gone out the window. Maybe the rumors of new one with bb10 will be true. I'm a bb guy but seems life as one means waiting and hoping. Christmas is coming trying to be good boy so bb santa will be good to me.
    11-11-13 01:42 PM

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