04-12-13 09:35 AM
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    Is that 1.22W with screen on, or right after you swiped it out of standby (after waiting >4 minutes to get a clean reading) ?

    And is that plugged into the wall, or actually on your PC? If on the PC, I'd call that proof there are differences between cables that could affect things... including possibly the current limit (and not because of Ohm's law stuff, but because the software decides to configure things differently based on what it thinks is attached).
    Oy, vey, my scientific method was not enabled. I first had to find the cable. I just plugged it into my COMPUTER and the pb. So, the values were pretty instantaneous. I will run a video for a bit and drive down the power.

    And then what (watt?)? Not plugged in it is showing 2.33 playing the video. Then Standby it after power drops somewhat. And leave it off 4 minutes or so?

    Oh, the cable is sold especially as a Charging ONLY cable. No data when connecting using it. Reading some threads, there's one or two that talk about shaving a bit of insulation off a usb internal wires and crossing/shorting to create a Charging Cable. I purchased this for about $10.00

    Okay, back after dinner and whatever.... 1.49W usb wall using computer's usb (front usb).
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    01-19-12 07:46 PM
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    I get about a 5% per hour charge with the PB connected to either of my front usb ports on my PC when the PB is on, but no programs running.
    01-19-12 10:54 PM
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    I too get about a 5% charge per hour when the PB is on standby and I'm charging it through a USB port on my ASUS netbook which is plugged into the wall.

    Battery Guru shows that when my PB is on standby, bluetooth on, wifi off, it's charging at about 1.5W. When the screen is on and dimmed to minimum brightness it charges at about 0.32W and when the screen is on at about 50% it charges at about 0.29W. If I max out the screen brightness then it starts draining at 0.95W (ie the netbook can't charge it).

    [This tells me that the biggest drain by far on the PB is the screen when maxed out.]

    The battery icon shows the "plug" symbol at all times which means the OS doesn't really recognize it as being charged.

    So if you want to charge by USB you should know 1) it's very slow 2) you should turn off everything you can and dim the screen as much as you can 3) if the screen is bright then, even when plugged in to a USB port, it will still be draining.
    03-04-12 10:03 PM
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    I have found that my PB will charge at my workstation very slowly if I keep the device in Standby. I have also found that for some reason, some USB cables are better than others. I can only imagine that the conductor is of better quality and the contacts on the cable are of better quality/conductivity. I really would not have imaged that much difference, but it is noticeable.

    I bought a OEM charging cube & cable for my Bold 9900 for the office which uses a OEM USB cable and it is about worthless.

    If I can find the time, I will go evaluate the resistance on the cables to see if I can quantify our observations.

    I too have found that if i turn of wi-fi and leave it on standby it charges slowly, I have just switched off the playbook completely to see if it goes any faster. The USB slots on the PC usually does not pump out enough power so this is expected.
    04-11-13 07:57 AM
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    There are only two methods that will work in charging your PB..One is the wall to usb charger and the other is to purchase the desk rapid charger for about $40..USB to USB does not supply enough power
    04-11-13 01:42 PM
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    There are only two methods that will work in charging your PB..One is the wall to usb charger and the other is to purchase the desk rapid charger for about $40..USB to USB does not supply enough power
    Well...... you can also plug into your car outlet. Just make sure the plug is rated for the higher current requirement and you use a charge cable. .
    04-12-13 09:35 AM
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