10-20-11 02:03 AM
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  1. Lumute's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    Now that a lot of people is rocking their new 9900/9930 and 9810, how is bridge experience overall compared to how it works with previous phones like the Torch 9800?

    I believe that bridge is just a web server running on the phone and accessed through Bluetooth from the playbook which makes me thing that faster phones would serve the data a lot faster to the playbook making the overall experience much better... although we may have a bottleneck with Bluetooth 2.1, not sure...

    I love the concept of Bridge much more than native email as my BB goes with me everywhere I go and I don't need to mess with synchronization... but it really needs improvement like full BBM experience (SMS integration and Groups) and faster response, ability to answer calls from the playbook would be awesome, etc...

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    08-12-11 04:55 PM
  2. dadymon's Avatar
    Great question! This has been asked before, I have yet to see a response! Anyone?
    08-12-11 06:37 PM
  3. fnguyen's Avatar
    kevin tweeted that he'd test this, still waiting for the results
    08-12-11 06:43 PM
  4. Sarvey's Avatar
    Hey there,

    I haven't used this feature extensively enough with my new BB Bold 9900 to say definitively, but from my experience with bridge on the Playbook, I would say it is significantly better/faster. I've mostly tested out BBM, and it appears to be working a lot faster than it did when I used my Torch. The browser also seems to load faster too. This is just my experience though. I hope others can corroborate this.

    Hope this helps, though I should test it out more myself :P.
    08-12-11 07:00 PM
  5. rukdngme's Avatar
    well.... you tube through bridge use to lag when connected to my torch but now with the bold 9900 it screams....once it loads up theres no lag at all...very happy now..also bridge and emails are very smooth with no lag at all....amazing devices when paired together
    08-12-11 09:33 PM
  6. M_Redman's Avatar
    the bridge is significantly faster, most notably with bbm. its loaded and ready to go within 5 seconds from when i click the icon. everything just runs a lot faster and smoother then it did with my torch.

    im still running into the stuck bbm icon, but its less painful to uninstall and reinstall the bridge app with how quickly the bold loads
    08-12-11 09:48 PM
  7. dadymon's Avatar
    Oh yeah! That's what I wanted to hear!
    08-13-11 12:21 AM
  8. shuter's Avatar
    wow, seems way faster to me!!!
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    08-13-11 12:58 AM
  9. mmcpher's Avatar
    Very encouraging early returns. Reason enough to upgrade and to anticipate additional gains in 2012 with the QNX phones.
    08-13-11 02:21 AM
  10. Gucci33's Avatar
    Great news!

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    08-13-11 09:54 AM
  11. JosephRuff's Avatar
    can someone check if the new phones work with https better/at all?
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    08-13-11 12:15 PM
  12. Lumute's Avatar
    Thanks all for reporting back, this is actually great news and one more reason to switch to one of these new devices, I am just waiting for the 9860 to become available with Telus or Bell to switch myself...

    I understand the importance of native email as RIM needs to approach the whole market and not just the niche of people who use both together, but Bridge is an awesome concept and I hope RIM has future plans on improving it...
    08-13-11 03:58 PM
  13. QuantumQnx's Avatar
    This is my first experience with bb bridge but I can say that there is little to zero lag. Using bridge on my 9900 is very fluid and I am very happy with it. I have noticed that it does use up more battery on both devices than normal usage. IMO native apps cant come soon enough as it would complete the experience. Hopefully in days or weeks.
    08-13-11 04:47 PM
  14. Matt J's Avatar
    Wow.... this is great news. I guess I probably have the slowest Bridge experience running OS 5 on my 9000 (although it is pretty good!). I guess it can only get better from here on.
    08-13-11 05:14 PM
  15. Zizzzzy's Avatar
    I am up at the cottage forthe weekend and have been using the bridge with my 9900 a lot and it is significantly faster. Aside from a few pages loading slow here and there its almost as painless as browsing on wifi.

    I suspect the main difference is HSPA+ vs my older phones 3G, but faster hardware to deal with the data no doubt is helping.

    As for https, i cant comment on it working "better" however it does work as i just signed in to my mail server
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    08-13-11 07:15 PM
  16. the_thunderbird's Avatar
    I am on a 9810, Rogers and have noticed the Bridge is continuing to work fast. Frankly my last phone, 9800 on Bell, though, was also quick. But no major hold ups or issues that others report. Bridge Browser is speedy as usual.
    08-13-11 08:16 PM
  17. JosephRuff's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up, all I care is that it works. It did before the updates albeit slow, but worked. I posted screen shots of using the bridge to stream Star Trek in HD from Epix. Now.... not so much, can't wait till Wednesday to get my 9930. Was going to go 9850 but with bridge I don't think i need a full touchscreen.
    08-14-11 10:17 AM
  18. HaTaX's Avatar
    I don't have a 9900 yet and am still using my trusty old 9700. But I did want to throw this out there for anyone else still on a 9700, I installed B@stardHybrid on my phone and it made a HUGE difference in bridge performance. I'd actually call it usable now! Previously there was about 10-15 seconds lag opening the messages app or bbm, now I barely see the spinning wheel and messages just appear instantly when I tap them.

    I know, on topic is the 9900, but for anyone with a 9700/9780 I would highly recommend they give this a shot if they're unhappy with bridge speed.
    08-14-11 02:01 PM
  19. laurah2215's Avatar
    Very encouraging to hear this. I hope they fix Bridge speed over all and continue to release updates for the PB.
    08-14-11 03:15 PM
  20. mandony's Avatar
    On the new phones,
    what comparison can you make between
    tether browser and
    bridge browser?
    08-15-11 05:32 PM
  21. HaTaX's Avatar
    Very encouraging to hear this. I hope they fix Bridge speed over all and continue to release updates for the PB.
    Might just have a hybrid for you to try out tomorrow. Having a friend help test wu-wei's work on his 9780 to see if there's the same speed boosts with bridge. Once I know it's working and we've got a nice ZIP file, then you should be quite impressed with bridge. That is, if you're comfortable loading a hybrid and such. I'll say this, the performance improvements are well worth stepping outside of your comfort zone!
    08-15-11 06:14 PM
  22. lophreaque's Avatar
    Just ordered a 9930 from Verizon USA, will have it Wed and be anxious to see how it compares to my old 9630...
    08-15-11 08:24 PM
  23. olga421's Avatar
    does bridging use up data? also i have 1 gb data plan,will i be fine?
    10-01-11 08:13 PM
  24. Chaddface's Avatar
    does bridging use up data? also i have 1 gb data plan,will i be fine?
    Yes it uses data. As much if not more than browsing with your phone. 1gb is a bit low but if your just browsing it may be ok. Streaming anything will eat up 1gb fast.

    Go Phils.

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    10-01-11 08:18 PM
  25. trsbbs's Avatar
    I think Crackberry should do a comparison between an older phone, like a 9650 running OS6 and of the new phones with OS7.

    Test the speed difference using bridge.


    Browsing speed via speedtest.net
    How long it takes the native FB application to open completely.
    How long it takes to bring up the main webpage of CB.

    This would be useful in seeing if the bridge speed improves with the newer faster phones.

    Right now using a 9650 with OS6 the native PB FB app never fully opens as does FB in the PB browser and forget about getting CB to load all the way via the bridge. Regardless of signal strength.


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    10-01-11 08:26 PM
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