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    My PlayBook has what appears to be a grey or brown hazy line near the middle of the screen. Line is horizontal about 3 inches long. Always there no matter what is displayed. I have a screen protector. Does anyone know if this is the screen or a problem with the screen protector.
    09-09-12 10:07 PM
  2. louzer's Avatar
    Try taking a microfiber cloth and cleaning the screen in a circular motion around the line. This should let you know if it's the screen protector. If it's still there (and you have an extra or it's a Zagg which allows exchanges), remove it, clean the screen, and see if the line is still there.
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    09-09-12 10:11 PM
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    I will try it. I have tried a microfiber cloth already. I guess next step is to replace the screen protector. Could the display has a spot "burned" onto it?
    09-09-12 10:18 PM
  4. louzer's Avatar
    I have 2 Playbooks and both of the screens are fine. I've heard of people having dead pixels, but never a burned in line. One of mine had a very thin line about 2 inches long in the middle. It turned out to be the screen protector. Zagg sent me a new one and it's fine. You're describing a brown line which could be either the way the light is hitting a scratch or possibly dirt in the scratch. Assuming that you put the screen protector on when you first got it, and it it's a decent brand protector, I doubt that anything got through the protector to do that to your screen. Also I assume that this appeared recently and hasn't always been there. If it had been, there's always the possibility of a hair having gotten between the screen protector and the screen when you first applied it.
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    09-09-12 10:25 PM
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    I have a bb playbook convertible case on my PlayBook. It has two raised edges to allow it to stand my PlayBook up at an angle. Just realized that the raised edge is on the inside of the case and it rests against the screen in the exact spot where my line is. It is the same size and shape of the line.

    Now question is, has this raised edge, pressing against my screen, damaged the screen protector, or the screen. I imagine it is acting as a minor abrasive, rubbing against the screen protector. Any thoughts.
    09-09-12 10:54 PM
  6. louzer's Avatar
    First of all, what kind of screen protector are you using? Assuming it's been on since day 1, then it's either a mark or abbrasion on the surface of the screen protector. If it's Zagg or Ghost Armour, I doubt that a small scratch would penetrate the protector.

    If you have any screen cleaning solution (ie Monster Screen Cleaner or anything like that) and a cleaning cloth, try applying the solution to the cloth (not directly to the screen) and wiping in a circular motion over the brown line. If the screen protector is not the best quality, I can see it scratching and then the brown fiber from the padding on the inside of the case could be getting lodged in the scratch. But I highly doubt that the scratch goes all the way through to the screen.
    09-09-12 11:01 PM
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    I have an InvisibleShield by Zagg. Thanks for all of your answers and helpful info. I will try your suggestions. Hopefully the hazy line is just in the surface of the screen protector.
    09-09-12 11:29 PM