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    I've claimed in the past that I would keep my PlayBook until it dies or becomes so obsolete as to be unusable. I don't think I've ever said I would keep using it as my primary tablet that long, though!

    So, as of about a week ago, it has been security wiped and designated "the family tablet". Anyone in the family can use it, as needed.

    I moved a rapid charging stand to our kitchen area and the PB now lives there. My wife will use it to quickly look up stuff on the internet, watch YT videos, look up recipes, etc.

    I installed a bunch of games and educational apps on it for my son, and I've been putting a lot of movies on there for him to watch. The 64 GB of storage helps out a lot in that regard!

    So I am without my own tablet and I am relying at the moment on my Q10 for all my mobile computing needs. If I do get another tablet again, it will most likely be some variation of the Surface or another Windows tablet.

    Thanks for a good run, PlayBook. I think you'll have a good long retirement as the "family tab".
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    05-10-14 06:05 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    My Playbook, with the keyboard case, is still in duty for taking meeting notes, light presentations, and a few other miscellaneous duties. Periodic wipe and reloads have kept it in good order.
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    05-10-14 07:14 PM
  3. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    My other PlayBook is like remote control, lying in living room for everyone's access, loaded with premium games, I'm telling you, all of our visitors, specially young ones will surely grab it and there you are, you have "nanny" for some quiet time... many of our visitors even end up surprised that BlackBerry has tablet and asking where to buy it...

    Poor PlayBook... should be given a good marketing support when it is still relevance...

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    05-10-14 09:24 PM

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