1. Gemo's Avatar
    I suggested to a friend who has a Playbook to use the Logitech Bluetooth audio adapter to play music from his PB through his speaker system - and it works great!

    He has a Logitech unit at home and another one at his cottage - but the problem is although both units are (individually) configured in his PB and he can see both units he can't select the appropriate unit depending on where he is...

    Not sure but it almost seems like the PB can't distinguish between the similar units ...? I believe that to connect to the unit he has to always delete the stored config and re-setup the connection.

    FYI - I also similarly use my PB to play music through my speakers but I use a Logitech unit in the city and a Blackberry audio adapter at the cottage and have no problems selecting either of the 2 units - but as opposed to the above, maybe that's because in his case they are 2 similar (Logitech) units? versus in my situation 2 different units...

    That being the case or not am looking for some ideas/suggestions on why his PB isn't able to properly select the 2 Logitechs...

    Many thanks and regards.
    12-14-12 08:12 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I'm not sure if this will work but in some cases I have to OPEN the BT options (Main Gear symbol) and DISCONNECT a device to connect to another device. I have TWO Motorola S9 headphone sets. To change between them I SOMETIMES have to go in and purposely Disconnect the other and then Connect to the one I want NOW. And Unfortunately, they cannot be named (red and blue like I can do on my bb phone) so that I know which is which (their unique id number is too obscure!).

    What I did find is the that Logitech would not allow me to control the volume from the pb (message: NOT supported). But some BT devices to allow the pb to control volume including the BB version of the Gateway.
    12-14-12 09:06 AM
  3. Gemo's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply F2 - my friend is doing the same thing (disconnecting then reconnecting) to access either of the 2 units but I'm trying to figure out why that has to be done and if there is a more proper, simpler way...
    12-16-12 04:19 AM

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