1. kAizer_pt's Avatar
    Hi crackberry boat!!

    its my first post here, i'm newbie here, and i LOVE Backtrack OS or Kali OS.

    I understand that it is possible to "transform" the playbook and install android applications
    And've seen androids Devices running these operating systems ...

    ...Okay. so far, so good!

    I did some researches and found this link:
    ( to install this O.S on Android )

    In this video, he uses "DEPLOY LINUX" & "ANDROID VNC-Viewer" ...Okay!

    Obviously turned on these applications. BAR, and this APP runs in my playbook.

    But here I have a problem when installing the " DEPLOY LINUX ", he says "require superuser privileges (root)!

    PLAYBOOk with Linux!? (superoot ?! )-img_0322.jpg

    But i have Dingleberry... Rooted normally..

    - its possible to make SUDO with a terminal, ou anything to turn me superuser to get privileges on this APP ( DEPLOY LINUX )!??!
    - Or anyone have solution to put BACKTRACK or KALI @ playbook!?!?

    *sorry for my inglish
    *BB is internacional :b
    Attached Thumbnails PLAYBOOk with Linux!? (superoot ?! )-img_0322.jpg  
    01-24-14 05:44 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    That will never work. You're using an app which is essentially assuming one system is in place when it's not. It's an entirely different system so it has no idea what it's looking for for the next step.
    01-24-14 06:20 AM
  3. leoncogs's Avatar
    Would love to know how you do this. I have tried dingleberry but can't seem to root the playbook. Would love linux on it. As far as I can find out dingleberry doesn't work on os2 since they have blocked it. Is this right?
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    01-25-14 07:00 AM
  4. bsiegle's Avatar
    From what I understand, the PlayBook has a hardware protected bootloader and is not able to be rooted without bricking the unit.
    01-25-14 12:21 PM

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